XR battery pictures

  • Has anyone pulled the battery out of their XR yet?
    I'm keen to get one down to NZ but, as we all know, it's damn near impossible to ship them.

    It'd be awesome to get an up close look at any labels or markings on the pack itself when removed from the board.
    Appreciate the battery capacity is stamped on the rails but want to know more about the pack

    Does it come out of it's plastic case?
    Are the UL and Wh markings clearly labelled?

    Plan is to pull the pack from the board and send it on a cargo only flight.

    There are a bunch of cargo carriers that will ship approved batteries over 160Wh but I'd hate to rock up at a drop off point and get turned away for something dumb like weird labels.

    Has anyone seen any compliance documentation for this generation of batteries? Have seen paperwork for the +, wondering if there's anything out there for the XR

  • @dionb not my photos.

    XR Battery.jpg

    XR Battery 02.jpg

  • @skyman88 interesting. Guessing the Wh rating is on the plastic outer casing.