SirCavesAlot's Onewheel Thread

  • Hello everyone!

    I wish I had started this thread on day one of ownership, but better late than never, right?

    So here we go, I'm a passionate snowboarder and made Tahoe my backyard for the past 10 years or so. I've learned a lot about riding a plank (Jones Flagship) on snow but this year, I had some personal life events that didn't allow me the time to make it up.

    The withdrawals were real, so I figured it was the perfect time to invest in my mental and physical health. I purchased a Onewheel XR end of February (2019) and started riding.

    I've been quite slow to make upgrades and modifications as I wanted to really experience the XR in it's stock form first, then make upgrades in places that I feel were genuinely needed vs buying every mod on the market.

    With the exception of a SilverHandle, I rode completely stock for about 200 miles and although the stock Vega is great for a beginner, I realized it was holding me back. I wanted a more progressive carve, a quicker heel toe transition and better traction for all textures.

    I upgraded to the Burris Treaded tire and boy oh boy has it been worth every single penny. I will add a post with more details on why I think the Burris is a game changer as soon as time allows.

    The same weekend I upgraded from the Vega to the Burris, I tried two different XRs, one had the Float Life Kush Pad installed and the other had the Cobra Pad. This was a long weekend of fire roads and single track so I really experienced what rear foot fatigue can be. There was a point where my rear foot was completely numb, so I leaned towards the Kush Pad as it's material absorbs some of the vibrations generated on rough surfaces.

    I've just today broken into the 3 century club with 307 miles and couldn't be happier with the Burris and Kush Pad (with front TFL grip) upgrades. It's a totally different board and it literally goes everywhere.



    I'll update this thread with more detailed comments on the Burris and Kush pad upgrades as well as random banter about my experiences with the Onewheel.

    Float Responsibly. Cheers!

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