Concave FRONT footpad

  • I would love to see Future Motion release a concave version of the front Surestance sensor pad.

  • @k-switch Best option right now is "Fish Bones" for the front pad if you don't want to mess with the sensor.

  • @k-switch I'm going to take a wild guess that eventually, they will release a new flagship model that includes concave on both front/rear.

    I can't imagine any reason that anyone would prefer no concave at all. It's obvious, the aftermarket is proof that the demand is there.

    Future Motion seems to be a company that makes very smart decisions, seems to me, it would be smart for them to go light concave out of the box both front and rear.

  • @skyman88 I ride a lot of gravel, offload and different types of textures and my fear with the fishbones is that a little rock works it's way between the fishbone and grip tape then causing sensor engagement.

    I'm likely being a bit on the paranoid side here and not trying to start rumors or irrational fears.

    I do however agree, that is the best solution right now since V1 sensors can no longer be purchased, otherwise I would argue that a Kush Pad + V1 Sensor would be optimal as long as the installation is done very carefully.

  • @skyman88 Have you tried them out? I've seen them but I'm not sure if I'd feel safe with them.

  • @SirCarvesAlot I hope we see that in the near future.

  • @SirCarvesAlot @k-switch

    Yes and they are awesome. I haven't pulled the trigger yet myself, upgraded grip tape has been a carry over for now but you feel completely locked in with the Fish Bones. It's a nice feature to be able to remove them also but I have not seen or heard of any issues with rocks. The team that created/tested them rides a lot of off road craziness as well.

    I bet if you link up with a local group of OW riders, someone has them and would let you try.

  • @skyman88 Thanks man. They are rad, but I don't see them as the end game in terms of front concave. I feel like FM will solve this in their next flagship model

    I certainly hope so anyways.

    For now, like you said, having upgraded the front pad to TFL grip tape has helped a lot and using a custom profile with the nose up slightly has also helped with being able to push off of the front pad.

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