How many have sold?

  • Is there a place to see how many Onewheels have been sold? Like when I look on the leader board and I'm that #1215 out of 1300 or #1215 out of 5000?

    The foundation of my universe, the basis of my self worth is dependent on how I stack up to the rest of you. Its not enough that I know how many are ahead of me, I know how many people I'm ahead of.

  • I noticed those numbers and wondered if they actually mean anything. Does someone really have almost 10,000 miles on their XR!?!? Over 13,000 on their v1?? Is that even possible?

  • I dunno, It's certainly possible. I mean I put about 20 miles a day on my XR just from my commute, That's about 400 miles a month. Just my commute will rack up almost 5000 miles in a year. Now I'm using it for runs to the store and exploring and what not. If it was my life, my social circle as well as my way to get around those numbers seem totally feasible considering how long its been out.

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