Captain Morgan slide

  • So I’ve been holding off on sending in my XR. A few weeks ago my battery wouldn’t read anything but 100%. Depleted it completely and recharged for 24 hours. Intermittently fixed it. The other day I was riding home and about 50% battery when I got the warning that I had 50% left, seconds later it said it was time to give it some juice and Captain Morgan’d me. I’ve read that you can turn the board off and put it on a less delirium setting and ride slowly home. I wasn’t far so I decided to give it a go. Got a little ways before Captain Morgan came a calling. Third times a charm..... trying to ride out the Morgan the nose got higher and higher going about 1-2mph when the tail started dragging that’s when the unexpected happened. It started speeding up and it couldn’t tilt back any more as the v3’s float plate was wiping itself onto the asphalt. I tried lifting my heal but even as I was dragging the tail I was going faster than 1mph. As it reached about 6 it got really squirrelly and I wasn’t about to eat shit so I jumped ship. The board turned onto its side before finally stoping. Moral of the story.... don’t try to ride out the Captain Morgan or hell take you on a ride you don’t want to go on.

  • @tomfoolery
    Bummer on the battery charge state issue. Yeah the Low Battery Captain Morgan (LBCM) is a squirrelly thing to ride. Keep us updated on what you find out on the battery/ BMS from FM.