3 Blinks - Non Stop

  • I took my OW out of the box, rode it for 30 seconds and fell off pushing the board forward. I went to get back on and the motor would not engage and the push on/off button was blinking 3 times. I tried to shut it off hoping this might reset the system, but it won't shut off. The board has been blinking 3x now doe 24 hours. I connected with app today, which told me its overcharged. Can someone please give me advice on what else I might try?

  • happened to me also.... i was sort of able to fix it by shaking it aggressively - the blink would go away and I ended up being able to use it pretty regularly for 2 weeks.. eventually, the issue returned and I was forced to send it back to FM to fix some issues with the battery/BMS

  • @tomtnt That's strange... would think shaking it aggressively would've done the trick! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • My board just stRted doing the same thing..only 30 min of riding.. Any tech help would be greatly appreciated . Thx

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