What’s pushing the Pint orders back?

  • Yes that would make logical sense

  • my order number is 44xxx as well, and my ship date is hanging in at July 5th this week (so far).

  • this is one of many reasons why I spent twice as much on the xr that only took 3 weeks

  • We are less than 10 days from the first batch of Pint orders..... fingers crossed everything is ok.

    I've only be around here for a couple of months... have we been this close before?

    I know there was a big setback the other month, but i wasn't sure how close we were to the first batches at that time?

  • @Daymos it was on or around the day that the first batches should have been sent that the setback happened last time.

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    Ok... its clear we're not safe yet

  • I just checked and it's slipped from Jul 3rd to the 5th...

  • @Panglossian yeah, mine just slipped again from July 5th back to July 8th. i'm kind of expecting things to jostle around like this through next week...

  • I think part of the story we are missing is that they just opened a new facility to assemble the pints.
    the company will open its own 60,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in San Jose.
    https://www.bizjournals.com/sanjose/news/2019/03/28/onewheel-future-motion-manufacturing-n-san-jose.html Perhaps the delay was setting up their facility.

  • @geguia I agree with you.

    It's just that when the Pint was announced - no where did it say this was a pre-order. Or that they're planning on opening a new facility and whenever that's ready then they'll ship the Pint.

    It is really frustrating and very poor business practices. If I would have known this was a pre-order, I still would have bought it but also got another XR. I had plans with family where I needed 2 OW's. When I keep being told it will ship soon and they keep changing the dates with no explanation - I think that's horrible customer relations. Even with the nice mini pints, I just feel left in the dark.

    We are probably their best customers, willing to wait, but give us some information. Even just saying - hey guys/gals, we got slammed with orders and it blew our production planning out the windows. We've got a new facility and it's taking longer to get up to speed. Or hey, you know how we like to put a million business cards in the box so you can look at them and wonder why there's a million - we've totally ran out of business cards and waiting on printing department.

    This "black hole" of information is very concerning...

  • @Panglossian said in What’s pushing the Pint orders back?:

    It's just that when the Pint was announced - no where did it say this was a pre-order.

    people keep saying that, and it's a common refrain on reddit, too, but i don't see how one could order something like this on the day it was announced and not understand that it was a pre-order. that's just standard when making high-tech, cutting edge stuff. computers are like that all the time, so maybe that's why i just assumed it was a pre-order, but i swear it did say pre-order when i went through the process. maybe i'm wrong. either way, i was ready for it to be a month or so of waiting. of course, i was just as mad as anyone when it slipped to 3+ months.

    the postcard and email i eventually received did mention that they were building this ginormous new facility, so it's implied that it was part of the delay, but it's a huge fail on their part not to make that much more prominent in their messaging up front. i do agree that they really should be better about communicating what is going on, and i definitely think we should not have been charged until they ship -- that's what makes me the most angry about the delay: a hat, an aluminum cup, and a little toy are absolutely NO compensation for the $1k loan i gave them for over three months, interest-free.

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  • @Franko said in What’s pushing the Pint orders back?:

    absolutely NO compensation for the $1k loan i gave them for over three months, interest-free.


  • Check out this interview with Jack at the San Fransisco demo. He addresses the delays and hints at potential future delays. Worth watching for the spinning GoPro helmet cam shots...


  • @Rocketeer I'm extra bummed because I just found out Wednesday that I have to have rotator cuff surgery August 1. So if I don't get mine by then it will probably be December until I can safely ride it.

  • @Rocketeer Thanks for the link.

    I did see the video but ignored it yesterday.. You're right.. he dont sound too confident and it seems theres more chance for a date slip than to have a truck load of one wheel boxes packed and ready within 2 weeks

  • @Rocketeer oh man..

    good luck with your surgery.. if thats the joint in your arm, a friend of mine had that done but his situation was complex.. he has a whole new ball joint put in his arm/ shoulder but has had a few surgeries over years to get it right and i think he's in a better way now.

  • @Rocketeer thanks for that video. i don't think he's not sounding confident about the latest ship dates, i think he's just being cautious and not promising, which is smart. he's right -- any damn thing could happen to jack up the timeline -- all it takes is one thing to start a cascade and then things could slip again, and nothing it totally assured when you're juggling this many balls at once. i'm going to hold out hope the current dates hold. that being said, if there's a significant shift again, i'm at the point where i'm considering cancelling rather than toughing it out again.

  • Holding @ 7/2/19 ship date. Slid back to 7/3/19 for a moment yesterday, then bumped back to 7/2/19.

  • @Vindigo75 we need photos of the packaging, materials, etc.

    So far nothing. It’s strange.

    I know they’re reading the forums. How about sharing a photos of one wheel pints ready for QC tests?

    Anyone living in San Jose swing by their facility ?

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