What’s pushing the Pint orders back?

  • From FM 1:13pm EST in response to my inquiry from this morning. (I think they meant they cannot advance the ship date, vs anticipate. That said Ill be sure to post once I get a shipping confirmation email - forgive the message formatting or typos, I should be working right now) :

    Hi XXXXX

    May 27th is actually the first day of shipments - you are included in the very first batch of Pint shipment.
    With this said, we are unable to anticipate that shipping date.

    OW Team

    On Mon, 20 May at 7:09 AM ,
    Morning my friend – looks like my ship date has dropped back off to 5/27/19.

    Any shot that this is a typo and I'm shipping on the 23rd ?

    Fingers crossed n awesome sauce….

    Thx much

  • This is a little scary! If the "first batch" will be shipping on the 27th, I'd bet there's a lot of people (insiders, youtuber's, etc.) that would be from the first batch. It's possible that we might just be waiting a while for these. I hope not... :( My date is still the 27th but this message seems to minimize the truthfulness of that date. I wish they'd give us production updates since we're really kickstart investors now!

  • @Panglossian You are absolutely correct, we are Kickstarter investors without actually agreeing to it. I wish they would give some updates.

  • @Mark-Vlogs I was late to find out about the Pint and didn't pre-order until last month. I was completely blindsided when my delivery date was saying late July. I bit the bullet and ordered the XR. It's the single greatest purchase I have ever made and have literally no regrets on dropping $1800 for this. If anyone is in the same boat, and on the fence about whether upgrading to the XR would be worth it, I can assure you it is. Not only will you get a superior board, you will get it within a week.

  • My order says that it's now in Production! YAY! 5/27 delivery date still showing...

  • @BrentNice I always tell people, if I knew how awesome the OW really was, I would have been willing to pay double.

    Most smiles per dollar of anything I've purchased.

    I know the wait is a pain. My original ship date for the OW+ was off by 3 months. Still would do it again. This gives you more time to watch videos, tutorials, etc... and best prepare yourself.

  • My order has slipped to the 30th now... this is not a good sign!

  • Yesterday mine was May 31st. Today it just slipped to June 4th.

  • @rageouse seems all orders have slipped. Most disappointing is the lack of communication. This is not an insignificant purchase and FM should be better. Most would be understanding if the communication was forthcoming but as it is it seems shifty.

  • @Panglossian Great news, but why’s it taken so long to start building it? Does it show a shipping date or delivery date?

  • @Mark-Vlogs No, now it's back to saying in the queue and date is delayed until the 30th - 2340d7dd-8993-4b24-901c-85c7ae6f9842-image.png

  • @Panglossian I think these are going to get pushed back again and again, I’m really disappointed in the “service” FM are giving us.

  • Yeah, it would be one thing if they were up front about charging my card and not shipping for 2 months... But, in fact, it's the other thing.

  • hi all, i'm brand spankin' new to this forum, but i thought i'd chime in on this: I ordered a Pint on the 12th (which was, i think, the day or so after launch), and my ship date was a firm May 28 up until late last week, then it slipped to May 30, and today it's May 31. every day i say a prayer to the shipping gods, hold my breath, and check again...

    i don't mind being patient, since this is my first OW and i have been spending my time watching and reading everything i can get my hands on in the meantime. but it's SO HARD. it really would be nice to have an official update of some kind. even an email would be nice. i'm really trying to refrain from calling them and asking about my order, lol

  • @Franko I’m assuming they have issues, these could be Pint related or new factory related. The trouble is it’s just an assumption, it would be nice if they just stood up and gave us some information. Mine has dropped from 25th June to the 4th July. If it goes one day later I shall be cancelling and waiting until they’ve ironed out the issues, they’ve had my money for 9 weeks and I’ve heard nothing.

  • Yes, my delivery date is slipping day to day and is still showing as not even in production yet. I too am considering cancelling until they get things worked out since they never said up front that this was a crowd funding exercise. Pretty sleazy really.

  • @Rocketeer said in What’s pushing the Pint orders back?:

    I too am considering cancelling until they get things worked out since they never said up front that this was a crowd funding exercise. Pretty sleazy really.

    i am pretty sure i saw during the ordering process that it was a pre-order, so i was not salty about it and don't consider it a crowdfunding exercise, especially since they have two (or three) existing products in the world that are very, very popular. the money is probably not an issue for them. also, i can't imagine they are having production issues since they have fully functioning Pints -- there's plenty of videos of non-company people riding them -- so i don't know what could be causing the delay. i do wish they would at least be up front and let us know.

  • I totally agree - WE NEED SOME "REAL" INFORMATION!

    I don't mind waiting - but when I bought the Pint, I was getting it for my daughter so she could ride with me. Until clicking complete the purchase - I didn't know it would be 2 months away. That was very misleading!

    The weather has been so bad that I haven't been too worried about it and thought we could wait until the end of May. If I would have known that it was only a preorder at the time, I might have got another XR. Now, I'm really hesitant about FM. All of the "boring town" stuff and "ride-the-rail" stuff is driving me nuts, they should be completely focused on production right now. Or tell us what's going on.

    They don't seem to monitor the forums or say anything about Pint delivery. I feel bad for the poor people that are ordering now because they won't know that they will not get it until the end of Summer or possibly later. This isn't a good welcome to the OW community.

  • @Franko I haven't seen anyone that actually owns a Pint post a video yet. It's been all demo'd videos. I'd love to see some actual owners videos if you know of them!

  • @Panglossian i don't think i've seen videos of actual owners, true, but there are plenty of OW youtubers who are prolific and evidently well-respected in the OW community who have given Pints supplied to them vigorous rides in all sorts of situations, and they love them. if they were dodgy, i don't think they would have sugar-coated their reviews.

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