What’s pushing the Pint orders back?

  • I ordered on Mar 12th at 10am and didn't see anything about delivery times. In fact, I wrote customer service at 1pm that same day and this is what I said:

    Hi guys!

    I couldn't see anywhere where it says when they'd be shipping.

    Are they shipping soon or was this a pre-order?

    I have a trip that I'm taking my daughter to Disneyland the first week of April and would love to have it for her to ride with me!

    Anyways, excited for the new board! It's going to supplement the XR nicely!

    Thank you!

    ----They replied at 4pm that same day:

    Hi Matt,

    Thanks for reaching out and great to hear you are the new owner of a Onewheel Pint. This will be an awesome companion to your Onewheel+ XR. The Onewheel Pint will begin shipping May 27th. But it is well worth the wait! Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

    All the best, thanks for being a fan of ours!

    **That was how I found out about May 27th. The next day I did a fake order to see if I had missed something and didn't see anything about pre-order or shipping dates. Then a couple of days later I tried it again and saw that they added in fine print that it was a pre-order. Now it says "Shipping starting in May" That's also misleading... because it's almost June and they haven't started shipping!

  • @Mark-Vlogs May 12th. whoops, sorry -- MARCH 12th. not May, lol

  • I ordered within the first hour or so of sales being opened (FM has confirmed myborder ships day 1 of shipping). There was no indication of preorder that I saw and I recall specifically looked for same, given the wait I encountered when I ordered my first XR (wait went from a week to a month as production ramped up). Im not perfect tho, I could have missed it if it was kinda buried and not prominently indicated throughout the order process.

    After ordering my initial ship date was May 23 (confirmed immediatly after I ordered and as such was first notice I had just placed a preorder), so its troubling they told someone else the anticipated first day of shipping to be the 27th of May. If i reach out yo FM again I will certainly be referencing the correspondences between Pan and Cole from 3/12 when I ask whybthe conflict in shipping dates. At this point though i want every one at FM working on production and not my emails lol....Additionally my ship date has slipped to 3/31/19.

    All that said, the reason im not grousing more is bc of the sheer quality of the products i have received. I have 2 xrs, and just grabbed a lightly used plus for a great price and Im more than satisfied with all of them. Gents these are top quality, luxury type items imo. People use the phrases "bomb proof" in the construction and "like floating" "fresh powder" regarding ride quality, and those descriptions are well earned. Yes there is always refinement to these products (blutooth etc) but nothing that should have anyone tossing the baby with the bathwater. The waiting sucks, the communication is middling at times, but the final product should more than make up for it.

    Will keep posted if my ship dates slips again.

  • update for Sat., 5/25: my board is now listed as "in production," and still listed as shipping on the 31st, which is super exciting. : O

    Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 09.26.12 AM.png image url)

  • @Franko Great, 31st isn’t long now.

  • i hope it gives hope to everyone to see things are moving, too : )

  • Mine is showing as in production as well...fingers crossed

  • @Franko I think it’ll help when people actually start receiving them.

  • @Mark-Vlogs tune in next weekend... (fingers crossed)

  • @Franko I spoke to customer service yesterday. They have not shipped any “production” Pints yet, but are supposed to start shipping next week. My status is now showing “In Production” with a ship date of May 31.

  • 6 days ago my estimated ship date was June 4th, now I am June 5th....
    I hope @Franko @Panglossian @Vindigo75 and others get their shipped notifications soon.

  • As of today my order has slipped from July 4th to 10th. I’m at the point now where if it goes beyond the 15th I’m cancelling. The complete lack of communication is ridiculous. There seems to be time for a lot of fun at FM but not for fulfilling orders.

  • @cchevy I feel the same, I at one point was June 19th I’m now at July 8th an increase of 19 days. Not happy.

  • @Mark-Vlogs I would feel very differently if there was communication. ie. “hey guys, thanks for your order, we have gotten slammed and as such are running behind on deliveries, for the inconvenience we can offer xyz”.

  • @cchevy I agree, I’m assuming that they are unable to make as many per day as they thought, mines been pushed back another 4 days!

  • they are listening... just got this in an email....

    Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 09.34.16 AM.png

  • I've been bumped back 5 weeks to July 3rd! YIKES! What a mess!! Order 4436x

  • @Franko All these issues should have been sorted before they announced the product. Obviously got more issues than originally thought.

  • @Franko Just checked and mines now 24th July, I’ve sent an email cancelling my order.

  • @Panglossian order 451xx. July 9th. sigh.

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