What’s pushing the Pint orders back?

  • @geguia said in What’s pushing the Pint orders back?:

    Maybe an accessory?

    hmm, could be, but that would be salt in the wound in a way, wouldn't it? haha. "here's your bumper/rail guard/fender, hope you like looking at it for the next month or so!"

  • @Franko best of luck. Process has been a bit frustrating.

    This is my first crowdfunding effort and i didnt even know i was crowdfunding!!!!

  • @Franko I really hope it’s the Pint, please keep us updated.

  • @Mark-Vlogs definitely will do. it looks like there's a person on OW reddit that has a package coming, too, which is interesting...


  • @Franko I also got a notification. It will be something small and light. It won’t be the pint.
    Probably a “sorry for this taking so long” thing, or best case an accessory but I doubt it. My money is on a Pint sticker. Will know for sure in a couple hours when my mail arrives.

  • I was partially wrong. I did get A Pint, just not THE Pint I have been waiting for. image.jpg

  • @rageouse haha, just got mine, too. came here to update and post my photo as well. my friend said, "WOW, it's a LOT smaller than i thought..." haha : |

    IMG_4791.JPG image url)

  • Well, now I know what’s coming tomorrow. Would have preferred a window sticker for my truck...

  • @Franko

    And what’s the point of this thing? Just an apology for delayed delivery? I want more.

  • @cchevy yep, exactly that. the back of the postcard is an apology and plea to remain patient, because good things come to those who wait. or something like that. i admit the little toy Pint is kind of fun and funny. but still, i want the real thing sooner rather than later : (

  • @cchevy what would have preferred they sent you... other than a Pint?

  • @skyman88 a discount? They’ve had my money for 2.5 months. Accessories, T-shirts, etc.?? A postcard and 20 cent plastic toy is kind of insulting.

  • @cchevy The interest earned from the millions of dollars they’ve had in will be huge, all that and still no tangible product, I’m assuming the Pints that people are raving about have issues? FM keep saying they want the product to be right when it arrives, I guess it’s not ‘right’ yet.

  • @Mark-Vlogs my own sense is that the Pints work great, but the delay is more because of (1) the crush of huge demand and (2) the scale of parts needed to make those orders happen, in combination with (3) the move to a new production facility at the same time. all the correspondence and posts they've made seem to hint at that. they replied to me on a Youtube post i made, replying that there is literally one screw in common between the Pint and the XR, and "engineering and sourcing hundreds of individual components from all over the globe that need to be perfect and all come together at the right time" is a monumental task.

    as for the money thing, yeah, that's a whole other issue. these hats, cups, and toys are nice, but a discount (store credit?) based on the interest of our 2+ month loan would be a more welcome compensation.

  • I just think they should have been upfront at the beginning with regards to the shipping dates. We're all more than just average customers going to get an item off the shelf at the local store. We've been bit by the OW bug and want to see them succeed. I would have gladly still ordered even knowing that it might not come for 6 months. However, I would have probably also ordered another XR so I could have my daughter ride with me. I've been listening to their promises of delivery times and thought we could be patient and wait a little longer.

    I still think that they are misleading people - it says that delivery starting in July on their website. While true, that is not true for someone purchasing one today. I think that is a bad thing to do to people.

  • @Franko Couple points, firstly I don’t think the volume of orders was so significant that it should cause delays. Secondly, while there may be only one screw in common the rest is very comparable ie. rails, wheels, motor, battery, deck etc. Thirdly, they should have had that in place before announcing a new product knowing there would be demand.

    It’s frustrating. Spring is nearly done and summer will be too by the time it’s in hand. There was zero indication upon launch this was a crowdfunding like exercise and that was incredibly misleading.

  • @Panglossian agreed.

  • @cchevy i'm not defending them, i'm just saying that's the impression i have from the email i received from them, the postcard they sent, and the response i got from them over on youtube. i'm not saying i like it. whether or not it's true, only they know. i'm not an engineer, and i've never taken one apart, so i have no clue.

  • @Franko no no I gotcha. Simply sharing my thoughts.

  • @cchevy good points.

    I think the number of Pint pre-orders is an order of magnitude larger than the $1800 XR roll out. Just a belief but their marketing, out reach, and the number of people I know who personally pulled the trigger all point in that direction.

    Scaling has never been their strong suit. The XR had a bad component when it was released, so many had to be shipped back in the first few months. Although frustrating, I'd rather a 6 week delay and a safe/functional product personally.

    FM has followed this same pattern on the V1, OW+ and XR... so I can't say it's a huge surprise but I was hopeful things had changed.

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