"Hot and cold" error - what to do? (no warranty)

  • I am having problems with my OneWheel (V1).

    It started pushing back after riding 5 minutes, giving med the "Hot and cold" (7) error. It did not feel warm or anything. After that I could drive around 1 minutes before I was stopped with the same message. Now I have had it charged over night and the message shows up a few seconds after turning on the board. Sometimes I am getting "Needs more juice" instead.

    Since the warranty is out I opened it up. Everything looks fine. There is voltage on the battery, and all temperature sensors seems to work alright (kΩ at room temperature: 12.8, 12.65, 13.0, 13.35). Also the app shows a battery temperature of 20 degrees celcius (68 fahrenheit), and when I heat it up or cool it down it correctly adjusts correctly (15-35 degrees celcius). Voltage on battery is 54V when measuring. I am not sure but I think the app said 54V while I was trying out stuff, but on the snapshot from the app it says 21.4V.

    Any suggestions on how to proceed from here? Is it possible to buy a new battery control circuit board?

    Any help appreciated :)


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