Does custom shaping can prevent nose dive?

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    Hey all,

    Yesterday morning I have my first nose dive, it was quiet big...It's during downhill when I tried to accelerate. The speed wasn't fast, probably about to pick up then the nose dive happened...

    My custom shaping is
    -5 on carveability
    0.3 degree tail up => I'm wondering if the tail up is lower might it help to prevent nose dive?
    11 agressiveness

  • I had my first small nose dive the other day, it was in Delirium setting though. I was stopped and about to cross a crosswalk. Cars were waiting and I went forward into a slight dip for the rain and it felt like the board turned off the power to the wheel and I went down right in front of all the cars & peds. One lady is yelling "ARE YOU OK?" It was pretty embarrassing... but I still don't know why it happened. I was maybe going 3-4mph and the lip of the dip was small and I've done it hundreds of times before.

    My point in saying this, is that I'm not convinced that the shaping would change the capability for the computer to just turn off the wheel for whatever reason.

    Could you go back to the same place and try it again with everything the same? Same settings, and location. To see if it does it again? It's say if it does, then try changing the settings and try it again. I'm really curious about your findings!

  • @davids701124
    Unlikely, every case of a nose dive is different. They can be at slow speed or fast.

    The common issue is the rider or conditions of the ride are asking the battery/ motor to exceed its capacity and the motor/battery protection circuit cuts the power.

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