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  • @Nikola where are you based?

    I think the 2nd thing you said about international orders makes sense.

    They wouldnt want to send out 2 deliveries overseas as it will become costly for them.

    I'm in the UK and hoping I get mine and accessories half way in August.

  • @Nikola said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    Even tough he has a higher order #, I see @Franko got his already (congrats BTW 😎). I guess they are either shipping sage OWs first, or maybe they are delaying international orders so they can ship them with accessories.

    thanks! i keep going back and forth on whether i believe they are shipping the Sage models first or not, but now i'm back on the side of believing this is true. I thought i saw somewhere that other colors have shipped, but i've only seen mention of Sage models out in the wild so far, and i guess it does make sense that they would focus on getting out the limited edition models out of the way first, so they could then focus on the other colors.

  • @JayWalker I'm sure customer services will help but from my experience with changing address mid order is not good.

    Companies use so many systems so there's a chance they may still send it to the original address and not update all properly. Most companies dont let you change anything when the orders pending but I dont know how FM do things.

    Wouldnt hurt to ask or failing that.. camp outside your old place and wait for it to come 😁

  • My ship date was July 31 as of yesterday. As of today, the ship date is now tomorrow, July 17th!

  • @Franko Ordered Sage Pint March 14, order 46xxx. Scheduled to ship July 17.

  • @Daymos I'm in Serbia. I'm estimating shipping and customs times based on previous "large" shipments from the USA. I can only imagine what would happen if I had one invoice and two packages, I'd probably have to pay the duty fees twice πŸ˜…

    @Franko makes sense. Please post your impressions on the forum after a few rides please! You're one of the lucky few active here that got their Pint πŸ˜‰

  • @Nikola said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    @Franko makes sense. Please post your impressions on the forum after a few rides please! You're one of the lucky few active here that got their Pint πŸ˜‰

    my apologies! i did comment on a thread over on /r Onewheel, and i mean to post it here, too. it's not a lot, but here's the bulk of it:

    i've only ridden about 30 mins or so so far, and i spent 5-10 mins trying it first on grass, just to get the feel for how to get up and balance. my lawn was too lumpy to get any forward momentum, so i quickly got frustrated and decided to just head for pavement. as a snowboarder, i know that it's actually easier to balance and turn if you have some momentum, and this seems no different. once i was on pavement, it was much easier for me to get up and roll forward, and even start some small turns, even if i was just creeping along. i haven't gone fast at all yet -- you could easily walk faster. but hey, it's still early days for me. so far so good!

    Everyone also seems to want to know about the SimpleStop feature -- since i'm a total noob, i like it so far, but i can see that i'm going to disable it once i get more proficient at riding it. also, the handle is SUPER nice. the Pint is heavy enough that i cannot imagine carrying it for any distance without the handle.

  • @rageouse ordered mine March 12th 446**slate keeps getting bumped now at July 24th. Looks like the sage Pints are shipping first, the opposite of what they said about orders shipping in the order they were received.

  • @Whitterjoe yup, my Slate too, every day its slipped at least another day. I'm up to the 25th as of tonight. Im hoping it will actually ship the following week?

    Side note: I haven't seen many people say they ordered the Sand color. Lots of Sage and Slate.

  • ![alt text](image urlScreenshot_20190717-070331_Onewheel.jpg )

    I've just noticed pint on the app

  • @Franko thanks for the writeup. I'm also a snowboarder, glad to hear that the experience translates. Hopefully the Pint won't struggle with my weight (105kg), either way I guess my range won't be great πŸ˜…

  • @Vindigo75 said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    @TyDie Yes indeed. 7/19 is my anticipated delivery date.

    Hey Vindigo75,

    First, thanks a lot for the continuous updates since the beginning of preorders. I am part of the silent mass who was following every day any update from you early purchasers. With the lack of communications from FM, it was great to have any information to read!

    I have a question: does "75" in your name stands for Paris, France? If this is the case, could you update us on how long it will take with the shipping and customs? I am in a situation where my expected shipping date is exactly at the beginning of my holidays.. I have no idea if I should ask for a change of delivery address or not... customs delay will change everything


  • @Skual Happy to help, or at least provide some distraction. Unfortunately, from an update perspective, the 75 is just my birth year. I am located in the US (Long Island, NY) and my Pint should be here this Friday. I suspect my delivery time was longer than @Franko due to my location, but that is pure conjecture on my part. FWIW - I ordered the Sage Pint as well with the max bundle...not sure if my accessories are shipping with my board or not.

  • @Vindigo75 ok thank you! I was under the impression that the "long" delivery would mean an oversea shipment, but obviously west to east coast is already quite a trip.

    I guess that oversea will mean probably an even longer delay (8-10 days + custom delays?)

  • @Skual
    I'm located in Austria. A friend of mine ordered his XR last year about a month after it’s been released.
    He told me his took about 5-7 days, customs included. FedEx shipping is 150 USD so it better be fast!

  • My ship date keeps slipping day by day recently. Was July 30th. Then yesterday the 31st. Today August 1. This is for a slate pint.

  • @cmos2000 said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    My ship date keeps slipping day by day recently. Was July 30th. Then yesterday the 31st. Today August 1. This is for a slate pint.

    In the same boat with the Slate Pint and the exact same ship dates. Order #46XXX. I guess they’ll start building slate models later :(

  • Slate Pint #442xx slipped from 20.7 to 23.7 😫

    I didn't think they would ship it on a Saturday, so I somewhat expected this. Hopefully no more changes, since this emotional rollercoaster is getting exhausting πŸ˜„

  • @Rexaur I’m order 46xxx as well.

  • @Nikola to calculate: yours as a 442xx set for 7/23 and mine a 449xx set for 7/25 (which will probably end up 7/26 as yours recently moved and mine has not)

    Estimated 700 pints between us in terms of orders spread over 3 days would make 225 pints produced per day.

    Estimating the factory operating 90% of days (3650.9~330). Possible pints produced in one year 330225~75,000.

    At $1000 each, total possible revenue of $75,000,000. At a 20% profit margin gives (probably gross) profit of $15 million.

    Estimated construction costs of $400/sf for the factory and 60,000sf ~ $24 million to build the factory. Estimated profitability on Pint division at 1.5 years from launch.

    All of this total speculation, just something to do while waiting for 7/25 (7/26, 7/27...)

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