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    @b0ardski I asked about that, I was told the pint is recommended up to 250lbs.

    And the minimum is what, 50#. that make the median wieght 150# IE peak performance

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    I asked why no one bothered to check if shipment was possible for almost five months, the response was that the shipping team checks addresses only before shipping.

    oh, that's TERRIBLE! i agree, they definitely should've warned you when you placed the order, or at the very least much much sooner. bad, FM, BAD!

  • @Nikola so sorry to hear this i ecco what everyone else was saying.. very bad by fm.

    I hope you find a way to get somehow.

    This has got me thinking.. im not even going ot risk taking this abroad.. not worth the hastle especially if your plane stops off at certain countries.

  • @Franko @Daymos thanks for the support. FM really dropped the ball on this one.

    A colleague offered to ship to his parents house in a neighbouring country, but since I already cancelled my order (and I don't expect FM to give me back my spot in line), I'm not going to wait another month or two for a new order. And who knows, maybe that country has the same problem, I certainly don't expect FM to know ๐Ÿ˜‚

    I've ordered an e-scooter, maybe I'll try to get a OW before the next summer.

  • @Nikola I certainly hope you have fun on your scooter and hope that itโ€™s not too long before you come back to a OW.

  • @Nikola said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    I've ordered an e-scooter, maybe I'll try to get a OW before the next summer.

    hopefully by then FM will have figured out how to have adequate information for all countries during their order process!

  • It is now 7/27, and maybe its possible but I have my doubts about something being shipped out on a Saturday. Reviewed my calendar and the previous estimated dates. I have been within one week of shipping 5 times so far, with it moving twice since it was 7 days or less.

    It is honestly embarrassing. I've told friends "so I'm getting an electric board in a week" and just left out that I gave someone $1,000 FIVE MONTHS AGO. At first no one noticed but now that I've said "one week" a few times people have figured out that I paid for something a long time ago that isn't here.

    FM has a responsive customer service line. They have a forum for people to vent. And given where they operate (San Jose) those two things alone put them above their geographic peers. Can't say how many messages I've sent to Google begging to give them money for some type of customer support.

    That being said, five months after giving FM a lot of money, the only thing I have to show for it is a bunch of friends who think I've been scammed. Not a good feeling at all.

  • @steak buddy looks like you can use some rest from checking your order status. Don't get me wrong. I'm completely there with you. It's just that it is not 7/27 today, nor is today Saturday. ๐Ÿ˜

  • @sinah You're a kind soul and sound generous of spirit. Can I borrow $1000? Promise I'll pay you back in a couple months...

  • @steak haha. Sorry. My $1k has been with FM for just as long as yours has been. I'm getting loans to pay my loans but had to get the OW. You know? If only I knew summer would be long over by the time I get my hands on it...

  • Order 443XX placed March 12, 45 minutes after the launch, shipped yesterday! But delivery is estimated for Monday, which seems pretty conservative from Southern California to North Alabama. This is a SLATE Pint!

  • just called FM to see what's going on with my accessories, since i never did receive an email from them with an update last week (which is what the rep i talked to last week promised). it took me three tries to get through -- i was disconnected twice, which was really starting to chap me, gotta say -- but when i did, the rep i spoke to apologized and said that they did have a delay last week with parts, but she assured me that my accessories should be going out friday. WE SHALL SEE...

  • @Rocketeer this is kind of crazy. Honestly the least they can do after all these delays is to expedite the shipping. I didn't order mine on the same day as the announcement but a few days later and mine is hopefully bring shipped August 7th. And as you know when we ordered there was no notion of this being pre-ordered. Only a few days later when I eagerly checked my order status I got June 25th as the ETA. Now after all these months they don't even bother expediting the shipment?
    Kept my mouth shut so far, but gotta say I'm genuinely pissed now.

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  • @Franko oh thatโ€™s good to hear thanks for sharing! Perhaps Iโ€™ll place my order for those rail guards now ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @sinah I'm pissed too. The lack of communication from FM is the worst part

  • I honestly don't understand all the hate here. Or the idea that "as you know when we ordered there was no notion of this being pre-ordered."

    Anyone who ordered in March should have fully realized it was a pre-order; it was actually quite obvious with all the promotion they did, the discounted pricing/packaged offerings and the lmtd. ed. Sage colorway. I don't know why anyone would have expected the proposed shipping dates at that time to be anything more than estimates. I mean for pete's sake, they hadn't even finished building the factory at that point.

    Frustration at the extended wait times, I can get behind. But outright anger, seems overly harsh.

  • @a1katie I feel like, if u Did think it was a preorder back in March, u didn't pay much attn to the checkout process -- where they offered 3 options for shipping, one being 3 day air/expedited... imagine selecting that option, lol!

  • @a1katie said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    Anyone who ordered in March should have fully realized it was a pre-order; it was actually quite obvious with all the promotion they did

    i agree -- i knew when i ordered on March 12th that it was a new item, still in the works, and i was ok with delivery in May. BUT i also agree that once they started hitting the original estimated dates back in May and suddenly extended them out by another month and a half again -- THAT was where i started to get upset, and i just wish they would be really up front with the deliveries for the Slate and Sand models now, because those people have been really putting up with a lot at this point.

  • I canceled my pint order this afternoon but not because I was upset about the delay in shipping or the lack of communication by FM. I cancelled because I decided that I wanted a board with more range so I bought an XR. If they come out with a new pint in the future that has more range I'll consider it. I've been riding my V1 for 3 weeks now and I have found that the seven to eight miles that it provides is just not enough for me. About 3 weeks ago I ordered the two-x kit for my V1 so I can increase its range.

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