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  • @sinah hang in there, your day will come!

    Also, just putting it out there, I’ve seen video footage of people onewheeling in the snow! Granted it was a hard pack, but still snow!

  • @sinah yikes, they filed for chapter 11? no wonder you're feeling like "once bitten, twice shy"! i wouldn't blame you. but i'm with @a1katie -- keep the faith. the Pint is really great. all my worries and thoughts of cancelling evaporated the moment i held it in my hands.

  • Future moton did not make it clear before sale how long the wait would be.. it said something like shipping in may...

    When i handed over my money the dude wheres my one wheel system was all i had and my expected date was july at the time.. a whole 2 months later..

    On its mid August now and im dealing with it.. if it goes to September I may cancel but thats another story.

    My point is.. there was no way to find this out before hand and that part has annoyed many people

    We shouldnt belittle people who feel the communication is poor because it is very poor.

    We also shouldnt try to say how people should or shouldnt feel if blessed enough to not be in the same situation as them anymore.

  • @Daymos said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    We shouldnt belittle people who feel the communication is poor because it is very poor.

    i don't believe anyone is belittling anyone, just offering different perspectives. and i think we ALL agree that FM's communication is very poor and needs significant improvement.

  • @Franko im not starting a war here.. those who know... know.

  • @a1katie I do most my shopping on Amazon and other major retailers' sites. I'm to assume u never have. 3 day shipping means -- 3 days from the moment u placed ur order. Quite simple, no thorough investigation needed prior to purchase.

  • @brahlay umm, no it does not. I work in retail lol. 3 day shipping means it will be delivered 3 days after it has shipped.

  • @a1katie U r technically correct. I'm just used to most U.S. retailers shipping the same day the order's placed. So when OW had zero info regarding 'preorder' on their site, at the time I purchased, I assumed it would ship soon-after.

    Anyway, I'm mainly "getting at u" bcuz u said somethin like, it was obvious it was a preorder, and it truly wasn't.

  • @brahlay @a1katie I and many others thought we would have it a week after ordering, but that’s all water under the bridge now. They are being shipped but incredibly slowly, I know someone estimated they would be making 250 per day, I think that’s way off the mark, I f they were then the shipping dates would be decreased immediately, I think they’re making more like 30 per day.

  • It would be nice if FM would give us a better idea of just how many are being built a day. At least then we would have a better idea of where we’re at in the process. At this point we’re just seeing our ship date get pushed further and further out.
    On top of that I’m seeing some pop up on eBay for absurd prices. I understand supply and demand but man $600 over list !

  • @brahlay said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    it was obvious it was a preorder, and it truly wasn't.

    i am one of those who DID assume it was a preorder. it was a new product announcement, so it just made sense to me. i was surprised when people were upset about it at first.

  • @Franko I'm wondering if u and others see any issue with having to 'assume' anything when making a purchase, esp. 'assuming' it's a preorder... what a joke! This is the pressing issue. It obviously wasn't clearly stated on the site, anywhere at the time of early purchases, like mine and others'. If it was, there would be no assumptions or misunderstandings from anybody to address. Make sense?

  • @brahlay again, I did a TON of research before placing my order. The only thing I assumed at the time was that a 2 month production window for a brand new domestic factory was not going to be realistic.

    TBH I guess that’s the heart of why we’ve had such different experiences. I knew exactly what I was getting into when I placed my order and I fully expected delays to begin with.

  • I saw this product many years ago but it was too expensive

    I saw adverts and videos of the pint in Feb/ March I think and kept an eye on the situation.

    I was tempted to place an order in March but finally took the plunge in May just around the time of the big set back.

    I knew it wasnt ready when i placed the order but they advertised shippng in June or July.. i really cant remember now so i knew i would have to wait atleast a month or two.

    I think the issue is communication... they would string people along up until a day before their estimated dispatch date only to be pushed back a few weeks.

    I'm sure we can all agree the level of communication back then and even now is pretty poor.... and because of that i dont think anyone is to blame if they assmumed the expected norm.

  • @brahlay look, you're clearly angry, and i get it. i swear when i ordered on March 12th it did say "preorder" somewhere during the ordering process (you can read some of my early posts here, i think i mentioned it back when i first joined this forum and saw people being mad about it) -- but of course there was no way to go back and check for that wording after i placed my order. if it wasn't there, it wasn't there, but i say "assumed" because it seemed clear to me from the start that this was a new product announcement -- a 2.0 version of their existing products -- and that we were jumping on as early adopters, which means there would be a wait. yes, the FM communication is seriously lacking... on that we can totally agree.

  • @a1katie True. Understood ✌🏼

  • @Franko Gotchya. The pint was the 1st I've ever seen of the OW's and I had no product knowledge prior. Anyway not mad, a bit annoyed, but mostly eager n trying to see where other peoples heads are at with this.

  • @brahlay it definitely has been a bumpy, sucky ride, and i know people are anxiously awaiting their orders. all i can say is that before i got my shipping notice a couple weeks ago that i was seriously vowing that if i got bumped into august i was going to cancel my order. now that i have one and have been learning to ride it, i'm ALL IN. the Pint is solid as a truck, it's fun, it's nimble, and it's everything they promised. if you can just hold on, you'll see.

  • @Franko Awesome! Enjoy. I will def keep holding and now that I finally vented to u n katie, I feel better lol. My bad

  • @brahlay venting ain’t bad at all if it makes you feel better! Cheers!

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