Your Pint Shipping Date

  • I saw this product many years ago but it was too expensive

    I saw adverts and videos of the pint in Feb/ March I think and kept an eye on the situation.

    I was tempted to place an order in March but finally took the plunge in May just around the time of the big set back.

    I knew it wasnt ready when i placed the order but they advertised shippng in June or July.. i really cant remember now so i knew i would have to wait atleast a month or two.

    I think the issue is communication... they would string people along up until a day before their estimated dispatch date only to be pushed back a few weeks.

    I'm sure we can all agree the level of communication back then and even now is pretty poor.... and because of that i dont think anyone is to blame if they assmumed the expected norm.

  • @brahlay look, you're clearly angry, and i get it. i swear when i ordered on March 12th it did say "preorder" somewhere during the ordering process (you can read some of my early posts here, i think i mentioned it back when i first joined this forum and saw people being mad about it) -- but of course there was no way to go back and check for that wording after i placed my order. if it wasn't there, it wasn't there, but i say "assumed" because it seemed clear to me from the start that this was a new product announcement -- a 2.0 version of their existing products -- and that we were jumping on as early adopters, which means there would be a wait. yes, the FM communication is seriously lacking... on that we can totally agree.

  • @a1katie True. Understood ✌🏼

  • @Franko Gotchya. The pint was the 1st I've ever seen of the OW's and I had no product knowledge prior. Anyway not mad, a bit annoyed, but mostly eager n trying to see where other peoples heads are at with this.

  • @brahlay it definitely has been a bumpy, sucky ride, and i know people are anxiously awaiting their orders. all i can say is that before i got my shipping notice a couple weeks ago that i was seriously vowing that if i got bumped into august i was going to cancel my order. now that i have one and have been learning to ride it, i'm ALL IN. the Pint is solid as a truck, it's fun, it's nimble, and it's everything they promised. if you can just hold on, you'll see.

  • @Franko Awesome! Enjoy. I will def keep holding and now that I finally vented to u n katie, I feel better lol. My bad

  • @brahlay venting ain’t bad at all if it makes you feel better! Cheers!

  • @brahlay all good man, all good.

  • @a1katie 🙏

  • My order 449xx still holding for 7/27, "in production." As an aside, since someone on this forum was 442xx to be delivered 7/23 (but had a shipping issue due to country of destination), new estimate of pints made per day.

    Estimated 700 pint difference between our orders, 5 days between our delivery dates ~140 pints / day.

    Just spitballing fwiw

  • @steak
    Nobody knows how many of these numbers are related to a pint.
    What about all the XRˋs and people who cancelled their pint?

  • @crazy4-o Of course

    Any estimate is just for schitzengiggle while I wait for my float to begin.

    140 pints/day is probably on the high end. My initial estimate of over 200/day now seems outside any plausible production range.

  • @steak
    clear! everything that makes your waiting time easier!
    I'm in the same boat, but gave up trying to see through their system and capacity. maybe they do 100 a day maybe 140 ... maybe 200 if the production runs optimally.
    you'll start your float life sooner or later, that's for sure!

  • Noticed my shipping date improved by four days ! Hope this trend continues. Maybe production is improving.

  • @KWasch which color did you order and when did you order yours

  • @sandsurfer
    I was late to the game , ordered a slate on the July 10th

  • @KWasch That's awesome news! What did your date move to? I ordered June 3rd and have a date of Aug 21st. Hopefully they all start moving up.

  • @KWasch I ordered the slate on April 28th and kept getting pushed now I got pushed to Aug14... it seems like people who have received their pints got them 4mos after the ordered. I wonder if it’s taking 4 mos instead of 2to 3 mos to make it 🤔

  • My slate Pint shipping date just moved back another day to August 23rd. I ordered June 17th, so I wasn't very early, but I wish I could have ordered earlier now that my date keeps moving back

  • @sandsurfer I ordered a month after you and my date is now 17th August.

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