Your Pint Shipping Date

  • @Daymos ordered on June 1st, shipping August 24th

  • Ordered 17th April. Shipping 13th August 😭

  • It seems like in August they will process 1 months worth or orders over a 3 or 4 day period.

    I guess we will see soon-ish

  • I ordered the slate on March 13th and my ship date slipped to August 1st.

  • Ordered slate on March 12, shipping date just shifted back from 7/27 to 7/30. Still "in production" which if the ship date holds would mean mine will have been "in production" for 6 days before shipping.

    As an aside, with the shifting ship date it has been on 8 different days in July of the 27 days so far. An average of pushing the ship date back once every 3 days this month.

  • I had originally placed my pint order on the 1st of July. once I did some research I kind of knew that it would probably be close to September before I got the board. I agree with many that FM should have put it on the web page when we were ordering that it was a pre-order. I only canceled my order because I figured out that 6 to 8 miles of range is not enough so I bought an XR. I also own a V1 and I have a two-x battery extender kit on the way for it.

  • Just received an "accessories shipping" email. Fender and rail guards are on the way, while bumpers, Maghandle pro and Pint Ultracharger remain pending.

  • @Senior-Coffee well guess what... date pushed from 24th of August to the 27th... I'm starting to become extremely irritated

  • Was just tooling around on the FM website and noticed this Job Opening

    lol yes, I’d say that position is desperately needed!!!! Hope it pays well 🤞🏻🤣

  • every day another day bumped. august 17th

  • Yea, mine slipped another day Aug 14. 😬

  • And now my DWMOW watch has ended...

    Sent out today standard shipping, westcoast to eastcoast, estimated arrival 8/5

    Below are estimates based on my observations

    If your DWMOW is more than a week from whatever is the current date then it has the possibility of being bumped back a couple weeks or more. Ex: If it is 8/1 and your DWMOW says 8/8, then an actual delivery of 8/22 or later wouldn't be outside of recent experience.

    A reading of anything more than two days (ex. it is 8/1 and your DWMOW says 8/4) then don't be surprised if it is pushed back a week or more.

    The drip-drip delays on DWMOW has been the hardest part for me. An own-goal by FM for sure not having an algorithm more suited to human nature (and frustrations) built in there. Still, I'm pumped to begin my float.

  • Slipped from 17th to 20th August 😔

  • Mine is holding steady at August 23rd for now, but I'm sure that it'll get pushed back again soon.

  • Mine held at Aug 21st for a while, just slipped again today to the 22nd. Are the people they hire for their assembly line just quitting all the time? I wonder what their employee turnover is.

  • Got my Slate Pint today, named it Squirt. It came with ~25% battery, so is charging. Ordered 3/12 within an hour of launch, shipped 7/23 and sat on FedEx truck since Saturday at 8am 5 miles from my house... Come on FM, you had my money for four months, spring for Saturday delivery for Christ sakes. Also received notification that fender and rail guards shipped today. All good, but I’m having rotator cuff surgery Friday and won’t be able to ride for several months... That is going to suck!

  • Ordered Slate March 13th. Says Aug 1st ship date for a few days. Anybody want wager on if it slips again? I wouldn’t mind trying to get some of my money back lol.

  • @Rocketeer said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    Also received notification that fender and rail guards shipped today.

    No way!!!! For real? I’ve still had no word at all on my accessories.

  • @a1katie said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    No way!!!! For real? I’ve still had no word at all on my accessories.

    me neither! and i've been assured TWICE now in the past two weeks that "they will be shipping on friday." side eye glance

  • Pushed another day Aug 15 🥺

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