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  • @a1katie said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    No way!!!! For real? I’ve still had no word at all on my accessories.

    me neither! and i've been assured TWICE now in the past two weeks that "they will be shipping on friday." side eye glance

  • Pushed another day Aug 15 🥺

  • I’ve gone from Aug 20th to the 30th now... gonna be a long month lol

  • @KWasch same.. mine pushed back from 8/20 then to 27th and now the 28th. I'm only recently seeing people that ordered in March getting their orders now. In late July! I'm starting to think I won't receive my pint until about mid September. I'm calling it! I will receive my pint September 17th... not a fan of dropping a grand then waiting for so long but I'm very sure it will be super worth it

  • Date pushed from July 30 to 31 to August 1 to 2 to 3. Looks like I’m day-to-day 😑 Slate Pint hurry up!

  • @iplabrosse does it say " in production "?

  • Pushed another day to Aug 16. Gonna say this is one of my worst shopping experience, feel like a crowdfunding campaign on KS or indiegogo with endless delay. I understand how difficult to run their own factory in US instead of OEM, but they should get production planned and prepared before launch.

  • I just got a call today from the skate shop I bought my sage pint from and it’s on its way!!!!!!!!!

    Ordered in May

  • @TyDie pushed to August 2nd. 🙁
    Does not say in production.

  • @AlezX

    When did you order?

  • @iplabrosse FYI mine was “in production” for 3 days straight; each night after about 5 pm PST that status would change to “in queue” or something like that. Then during reg business hours the next day it would switch back to “in production” again.

  • @a1katie said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    @iplabrosse FYI mine was “in production” for 3 days straight; each night after about 5 pm PST that status would change to “in queue” or something like that. Then during reg business hours the next day it would switch back to “in production” again.

    Kyle called me on that one - it's because they were having trouble anodizing the pink sparkles on your custom rails just right . . . they're total perfectionists.


  • Mine has slipped another 2 days to August 16th.

  • I've been getting push backs every single day for the past week or so. 8/5 to 6 to 7 to 8 to 9 and this morning to 12th and now for the second time in a single day to 13th. Ordered slate on March 29th. I have a "count down" on my phone and instead it's been just counting up!

  • Hi folks!
    Longtime lurker, first time poster.
    Slate order here; ordered March 13; order num 47xxx.
    I got a bit frustrated with the day by day pushbacks and called support. After being auto hung up on 3 times in a row, I finally got through.

    The support person stated the delays are due to hiring and training the additional staff.
    She also stated they start the day with a count of how many they'll build (100 or 150 or similar). If they end up short of that estimate, the ones scheduled get pushed to the next day and everyone else's get pushed back too.

    She stated as they train folks the estimates are getting better. I don't agree with that optimism, but ya know hey, it should be the case even though it isn't.

    I also asked about the state of accessories and she said they just started shipping them for the pint, but further ships (like the next two weeks and beyond) should be getting their accessories at around the same time as the board.
    My current ship date has been pushed back to the 7th. It's not listed as in production so I'm doubtful that date will remotely hold.

  • @meowers
    interesting insight (and in my opinion completely believable, considering what we do know) into how this is all working behind the scenes. i am especially interested in the news about the accessories, because i called again today to find out the status of mine, and the rep gave me the same line i've heard the past two weeks (oh, i'm so sorry, there were delays but we're getting them going, yours should ship by friday...) -- and when i said to the guy, "gee, that's funny, because this is the 3rd week in a row that someone has told me that exact same thing..." he said "oh, really? oh man, wow, ok, i'll check with production and see what's going on with yours and get right back to you, ok?"

    i thought he was going to put me on hold, but then i realized he meant he'd email me with an update, and by then it was too awkward to continue hanging on the line, so i let him go. but i'm planning on calling tomorrow again to see if i can get some actual news. i appreciate that they hand assemble stuff there, but come ON.

  • @meowers

    I sympathize, it took me 8 months to finally pull the trigger, I was concerned I was too old, that I'd hurt myself and be one of the sad stories where I had to sell at 25 miles because of an injury (with the wife's voice in my head, "I TOLD YOU SO!").

    . . . shudder

    Then when I finally went for it, there was another month of delays . . . then they shipped . . . but they didn't ship, because they said there were problems shipping to my location, and a real headache getting it sorted.

    I was pissed-off and cancelled, thought I was spending too much for poor service, waited a day to calm down, made some calls and found an XR left at 1 of the 2 dealers in my state . . . their last XR, the ONLY XR in my state, 150 miles away . . . I was lucky.

    They're not bad folks, they're buried. They're overwhelmed being a 40 person shop with probably the hottest product out there - and then trying to open a new factory during the launch of a new product, just didn't help things much.

    I'm sure they needed a new factory to meet projected demand for the new product, but with cash flow realities, also needed to try and coordinate that launch with the opening of the factory.

    That's a witch's brew right there.

    I'm laying odds there're a LOT of sleepless nights there right now - it's gotta be a production/ops nightmare.

    The only consolation I can give you is: I'm now 400 miles into my XR, the wait will be worth it, it really is that f'in awesome.

    I have an MBA, used to work corporate - yes, their communications need work, but it has to be exciting times there flying by the seat of their pants.

    It's a little sketchy hitting people's CCs months away from shipping, but I get it . . . hang in there - your first rides (and first trips to the doctor) will make all this a distant memory.

    By the way, don't be surprised if, in the very near future, you ride your OW to a doctor's appointment (to treat an injury from your OW), and your 60 y/o doctor asks to meet you somewhere for you to teach him to ride it.

    . . . true story.

  • @Franko Yikes. I hope they do get the accessories for you out soon.
    I called uninterested in getting specific dates. I know the support rep doesn't have them. I was hoping for some specifics about what's causing delays.
    But I'm surprised their support team is also mostly in the dark with specifics about delays.
    It really feels like FM is embarrassed about the cause of the delays and is afraid to own up to it. It's really bizarre and sketchy behavior.

    I know these products exist, I know their other products exist as I've seen them. But if I didn't, I would have cancelled a long time ago because this is such a scammy practice.

    I don't want vague promises, I just want honesty and specifics about what's continuing to hold things up. We shouldn't have to be calling constantly to get that information.
    I don't understand why they struggle with that concept. I'd have to imagine their support and marketing teams are pushing for that. They don't want to see the negative feedback either and support certainly doesn't want constant calls about it.

    Their career page has quite a few postings related to shipping/order fulfillment so I fully believe they are trying to ramp up. I just really, really cannot fathom the radio silence. That's why I finally called. I wanted to get insight and figured I'd share that limited amount here.

    I just need to understand what person thinks this communication (lack thereof) is a good marketing/pr/BUSINESS move.

  • My shipping date just slipped another 4 days to August 27th... On the bright side, maybe my accessories will actually ship with my board

  • @meowers this explanation makes total sense and lines up with what we've all been piecing together for the past couple months.

    Thanks for sharing.

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