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  • I really need to stop checking their website. The drip drip daily incrementing delay (feels like it’s daily) is killing me. Tempted to just buy a used XR. 🤔

    Watching the online videos keeps me hyped and anxious but maybe too anxious.

  • @iplabrosse is yours listed as in production or still in the queue?

  • @geguia said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    @AlezX said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    @Alohawheel Ordered mine at May 3rd, shipping date now is Aug. 19

    This is such bullshit. Mine is also august 19th Ordered May 8th.

    So frustrating.

    I really wouldn't count on that. I mean besides the obvious point that they have been horrible with regards to keeping their estimates, one should actually wonder how on Earth do they even come up with these estimates in the first place?!

    Your order date is about 1.5 months after mine. Let's just say they somehow pull it off this time and do in fact ship my OW on 8/13. I find it highly unlikely that they can then go through 1.5 months of order backlog in less than 1 week and ship yours by 8/19.

  • The timing of the orders doesn't matter as much as the number of orders.
    It's likely they got significantly less orders after the pre-order closed.

  • @meowers in the queue!

  • @meowers oh I get that. Still don't think they can make up for 1.5 months in 6 days. Not if their past performance is any indication of their future.
    And by the way as of a few minutes ago that'd be 5 days not 6. 'coz I'm now pushed to the 14th

  • Oh totally agree. They're not really getting better at estimates or production speed given the continued pushbacks.

    @iplabrosse that's concerning. I'd highly doubt it's getting shipped this week. :(

  • Pushed back to August 22nd

    Originally July 5th

    Adding to what someone said above who explained why FM had delays.. The new starters seem to fall short every day so most people get pushed back 1 or 2 days

    They are not getting any faster and if they did it could only be at the same gradual rate of being pushed forward 1 day every couple of days.

    Anyway..... I predict my estimated date of August 22nd will pushback and fall between September 1st and 15th

  • Guys it's up to everybody to deal with the delays on its own way, but at some point I think that we need to stop behaving as a herd of sheep (not sure if it means something in English but it does in French) and eating with satisfaction every excuse that FM is throwing at us.

    I have been silent until now but this situation makes me want to say what I think, which of course won't change anything, but whatever:

    The "Dude-WMOW" is absolutely not a "predictive shipping" website, it is a website advertising a dream to prevent you from cancelling. It may be accurate for standard orders, but its goal is the exact opposite for pre-orders.

    Who would have kept their 1000$ March orders if you knew that your board would not ship before end of August/early September? Maybe some would still have, but I am quite sure most of us would have cancelled, waiting for the situation to settle down.

    Don't fool yourself, FM is perfectly aware of this, it is not their first product and they are an established company. They just needed the cash to secure their investment and they probably had no other such easy choice.

    As a senior project manager, I am quite shocked by the delay communication that they are providing, it really sounds fishy (to avoid saying full of bullsh*t):

    • As an established company launching your 4th similar product, how can you suddenly realise end of June that your are going to be 1 month late to ship orders that are shcheduled shipping in the next 2 days? It is plain impossible, if you are 1 month late... and even if you are the dumbest manager in the world, you know it at least one month in advance, meaning end of May

    • How can you throw the excuse that you are late because your board contains only new pieces except for one screw and that it is a real challenge? When they showed the prototype in March, they were perfectly aware of this, therefore perfectly aware that they would have extra delays due to this, but still they advertised "shipping in May" to gather pre-order for fools hoping to get their order as advertised, for summer.

    • Then they explained that a delay was due to moving to the new facility. Seriously, this is a surprise to them? When you move to a new home or to a new office, you don't anticipate delays in your work?

    • And now, cherry on the cake, they are explaining to us that the delays are due to new staff being trained which makes it complicated to produce as much as anticipated in the Dude site. This is comical, they had two extra month to train new staff and yet they discover now that it takes time to train staff?? Who in the world doesn't know that new staff takes time to train?

    Now when you put all this together, do you seriously think that early July when they sent the Pint toy and excuses, they were not aware that they had to: cater for the already huge delay + move to new facility + train new staff + take holidays? Of course they knew, and of course they knew exactly by then that it would take more than 4 weeks. They just built a first batch ASAP to reassure everyone but it is such in a limited number that it means nothing for all the guys who did not spammed refresh on day 1.

    So, well, I am sorry but I believe that FM perfectly knew, already in March, that they would never be ready for summer. They may have suffered a few important delays, but which would be anticipated by any experienced manager, especially when you are building the 4th product of your main product line.

    Now they are probably taking holidays after hard working months and the new staff cannot follow demand. But that makes me even more worried because I don't want my board to be built by an inexperienced guy just because they are late, but whatever, we'll see.

    I am not saying that what they are doing is easy, but they can for sure update the website with the real forecast (which means pushing back by weeks/months) instead of pushing constantly by one, two or 4 days. But they don't because there would be way too many cancellations.

    Now apologies for this long post, I don't like being "played" like this, I do not think it is respectful to your customers. On my side, I will be waiting for my board if it ships before mid September. After that I may cancel my order.

    I advise stop trusting the "Dude full of sh*t" website, it is just fooling you around. I also advise stopping listening to their excuses, it is just the perfect complement to the website: "Make them think that it is so soon that they will not cancel, even if you do this every day for the next 6 months"

  • @Skual 100% well said and I agree with every single point.

    I've expressed almost identical concerns on these forums over the months so my last post may seem like I accept this but it's more exhaustion and realism.

    I'm like you. In September when it pushes further back I will decide if I'll cancel and perhaps buy another product next year once its fully launched.

    Your point about knowing in advance is so true . Pushing back orders 1 or 2 days every day is bullshit.

    Seems like they are basing the estimates on if everything is perfect.

    Perhaps base it on the worst case scenario so they dont constantly overpromose and underdeliver.

    I'm sure people would respect not being within a day or 2 for their order and be pushed back to within a month instead.

  • @Daymos said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    Seems like they are basing the estimates on if everything is perfect.

    This is where I am way more pessimistic than you.

    I don't think that they estimate anything regarding shipping, they are just putting dates that are looking good, perfectly knowing that there is no way to make it. The only goal is that we do not cancel.

  • haha

    Pure guesswork but I believe they think the date is 30% possible and 70% not possible.

    It should be the other way round.

  • Just got pushed 3 days today to Aug 27th.

  • @meowers it moved to production today! Also did the ship date to 8/8. At this point, all I can do is laugh. I waited this long and it's annoyingly hilarious because they really got you if you made it this far.

  • I totally agree with all of the above as well.
    I already have a hard cutoff in my mind (as in if I don't have a tracking number on this day) I will be cancelling.
    Unlike a lot of people who have cancelled, I would not be doing FM a favor by then buying the more expensive model instead. They just won't get my money, period. Unless they can get their sh*t together and be honest with customers in the future, which they've had every opportunity to do thus far and sure haven't.

    I'd advise everyone to come up with a hard date where it'd be pointless to keep waiting or particularly frustrating at least and then cancel if that date occurs with no verified tracking/shipping. Period. It's totally natural to think "well I've already come this far." Or "it's only pushed back a day" but remember that has happened a bunch of times now.

    I don't want to support a company that refuses to communicate and be honest with its customers, but I "have come this far" hence my final cutoff.

    For many that cutoff may have already passed. Don't let them keep your money. Other companies are coming out with electric skateboards and scooters, bikes, etc. I totally get there isn't a product exactly like this and I'd definitely prefer it for my needs, but damn.

  • y do i have a feeling that the 1st shipments received, which some got reviewed on youtube -- were able to travel much further on one battery charge than advertised. So they're limiting the battery on all others to differentiate from and sell more XRs.

  • It would take them quite a bit of time and money to change components to remove range.
    A quick solution would be on the software side which can be easily broken and then would even further ruin their PR once someone found out so I'm doubtful.

    My bet is they've suddenly found a fundamental issue with the board, run out of money, or haven't retained anyone they've hired for shipments

  • @meowers True, you're probably right. I just got suspicious when i saw in another post on here, that they're stopping production on pints...

  • Just shipped! Slate #451xx. Supposed to deliver on Monday to Southern California. Ordered toward the end of the day, March 12th.

    Went into production last Friday, with an estimated ship of Monday and kept getting pushed each day. As of this morning it was supposed to ship tomorrow so I was suddenly surprised to get the notification this afternoon. I don't think it's coming with any accessories, but I am not certain. Package weighs 23 lbs.

    EDIT: Just got a separate shipping notification with the Rail Guards and Fender!

  • @brahlay I read somewhere or saw a video saying the first few pints had a printed power rating of 170 but you can only take batteries on a plane thsts between 120 and 160

    Dont quote me but check your board if you already have one.

    The original few wont be able to get onto a plane with the wrong label.

    I wonder if the battery is actually more powerful like you are suggesting or if it was just a cosmetic error.

    Some pint could be going further because of downhill parts of a journey or the kinetic energy recharging the board extending the range slightly.

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