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  • @meowers it moved to production today! Also did the ship date to 8/8. At this point, all I can do is laugh. I waited this long and it's annoyingly hilarious because they really got you if you made it this far.

  • I totally agree with all of the above as well.
    I already have a hard cutoff in my mind (as in if I don't have a tracking number on this day) I will be cancelling.
    Unlike a lot of people who have cancelled, I would not be doing FM a favor by then buying the more expensive model instead. They just won't get my money, period. Unless they can get their sh*t together and be honest with customers in the future, which they've had every opportunity to do thus far and sure haven't.

    I'd advise everyone to come up with a hard date where it'd be pointless to keep waiting or particularly frustrating at least and then cancel if that date occurs with no verified tracking/shipping. Period. It's totally natural to think "well I've already come this far." Or "it's only pushed back a day" but remember that has happened a bunch of times now.

    I don't want to support a company that refuses to communicate and be honest with its customers, but I "have come this far" hence my final cutoff.

    For many that cutoff may have already passed. Don't let them keep your money. Other companies are coming out with electric skateboards and scooters, bikes, etc. I totally get there isn't a product exactly like this and I'd definitely prefer it for my needs, but damn.

  • y do i have a feeling that the 1st shipments received, which some got reviewed on youtube -- were able to travel much further on one battery charge than advertised. So they're limiting the battery on all others to differentiate from and sell more XRs.

  • It would take them quite a bit of time and money to change components to remove range.
    A quick solution would be on the software side which can be easily broken and then would even further ruin their PR once someone found out so I'm doubtful.

    My bet is they've suddenly found a fundamental issue with the board, run out of money, or haven't retained anyone they've hired for shipments

  • @meowers True, you're probably right. I just got suspicious when i saw in another post on here, that they're stopping production on pints...

  • Just shipped! Slate #451xx. Supposed to deliver on Monday to Southern California. Ordered toward the end of the day, March 12th.

    Went into production last Friday, with an estimated ship of Monday and kept getting pushed each day. As of this morning it was supposed to ship tomorrow so I was suddenly surprised to get the notification this afternoon. I don't think it's coming with any accessories, but I am not certain. Package weighs 23 lbs.

    EDIT: Just got a separate shipping notification with the Rail Guards and Fender!

  • @brahlay I read somewhere or saw a video saying the first few pints had a printed power rating of 170 but you can only take batteries on a plane thsts between 120 and 160

    Dont quote me but check your board if you already have one.

    The original few wont be able to get onto a plane with the wrong label.

    I wonder if the battery is actually more powerful like you are suggesting or if it was just a cosmetic error.

    Some pint could be going further because of downhill parts of a journey or the kinetic energy recharging the board extending the range slightly.

  • @Daymos wow, interesting. No, im still waiting on mine. ETA is now aug20.

  • From another forum topic I didnt catch the name of the poster.

    "just got off the phone with Ramona from future motion and after getting heated with her about why their have been so many push backs this week she finally informed me that they have almost halted production for the time being, and that in total they have only shipped 112 pints so far and they anticipate only being able to ship as many in the month of august. They are planning on making an announcement in the coming days."

    112 is crazy.. people were guessing that much per week perhaps.

    So they need peoples money but they have lost so many orders due to cancellations.

    I've seen a few and I though the amounts of cancellations were small input relation to what I guessed was 1000s of orders but if they've only shipped just over 100, they need to retain as much customers as possible.

    Someone on YouTube said they just cancelled 2 orders and a few others said they cancelled this week also.

  • @Daymos That was me. It was from a person on the Facebook Pint Owners Group. Could be a troll. Hopefully a troll.

  • what if the cancellations are the reason for the delays
    catch 22

  • @Daymos That's really terrible, hope it's not true. But I feel like the number 112 is somehow accurate. AFAIK the pint shipping starts around July 12, for three weeks only 2 on ebay and only 4 hand-on reviews on youtube. If they shipped thousand those number should be bigger. I have bad feeling about it.

  • @Alki_Soupboy nice one dude👌🏽

  • @Daymos interesting info about the batteries, I’ll have to check mine when I get home.

    One thing I’ll say about range- and this may be way obvious but I’m not sure if everyone is making the connection -“ride style” definitely effects it. The first few days when I was constantly starting/stopping and only riding in short bursts, I was def getting the published range of 6-8 miles. However as I’ve gotten better and started riding longer/more consistently my range has excelled.

  • @AlezX I think the numeber could be true.

    Not many on Twitter, YouTube or Facebook.. I get some people dont really use social media but i noticed the onewheel app took a while to have even a top 10 on the score board.

  • @Daymos said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    I read somewhere or saw a video saying the first few pints had a printed power rating of 170 but you can only take batteries on a plane thsts between 120 and 160

    my Sage Pint definitely says 170Wh, which is why the news of that was so interesting to me. the other part of that post was saying that you could return your Pint to FM and they would send you a brand new one in the same colorway with the right notation on it. of course, i have NO idea if this is true, but it's sort of tempting...

  • only if you need to fly with it. it'll be a collectors item
    gotta wonder if the rails were made far in advance?

  • @Franko said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    my Sage Pint definitely says 170Wh

    Just checked, same same!!!!!! 😞

    Perhaps, this is how we stake our claim on new sage side rails? 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • @a1katie said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    Just checked, same same!!!!!! 😞

    well, i'm torn -- if it's true we can get correctly-marked models, that's really a good idea if we plan to try and fly with them. on the other hand... instantly-identifiable early models in the limited edition color! (collector's item??)


  • @Nikola so mate after nearly a week trying to get in touch with support I can confirm I'm in the same boat as you are :(. Ordered a couple hours after the announcement, went "in production" last week (for the second time, first time in May before the first 5 week bump) then started reporting the same "order on hold" you got at the end of last week.

    I'm from New Zealand.

    Pretty PO'd about this, beyond just the general horrendous lack of comms from them:

    • The ordering process at the time the Pint came out wouldn't let you order a Plus or XR with my address (I tried, and contacted support about it a short while prior to the Pint release)
    • They sent me that friggen plastic placatory gesture - to NZ!

    Pretty difficult not to feel like this was at best hugely negligent on their part, and more likely intentionally unethical business conduct. The ordering process would have to have been intentionally enabled to use our countries as shipping addresses.

    Anywho; that's my long built-up rant. I guess part of my aggravation is that I was clearly naive assuming they'd somehow sorted shipping for the Pint!

    At least there'll be another slate pint available to someone else!

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