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  • @Franko silly question. I've been wondering how do you guys do the "footnote" in your posts? What's the trick? :-P

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  • I’m getting really curious what the real world applications of commuting on a Pint will be like.

    I have a really varied commute. I drive for 35 mins, take a train for 45 mins and then have to walk another 15. As I’ve mentioned before, that 15 min walking section and navigating the vast Train parking lot were the “justification” I used to finally commit to my Pint order. But now that I’ve had it in my hands a bit, I’m realizing the thing really is not THAT light weight, when I’m on the train I’ll have to lay it on the ground. There’s also absolutely no way for me to carry it (without the fender I’m still missing) and not get road dirt all over my clothes. In reality I’m beginning to think the Pint is more for the commuter who lives a short distance from work and just doesn’t want to drive it.

    All that said, I’m still going to give Commuting on the Pint a shot. Even if I decide in the end it’s not worthwhile, I’m not by any means upset or disappointed with my Pint order since I’ve realized it’s off road capabilities make it just a valuable to me in recreation.

  • @a1katie i know it's an added expense, and they aren't shipping them yet (sometime this month, though), but i ordered one of the Craft & Ride backpacks for the Pint. that is going to help me carry it around. it looks super slick:

  • @a1katie I totally get how they might not be the right commute choice for everyone. For me, I carpool with my wife and daughter and that allows us to use the express lane in freeway for free and very quickly get to the vicinity of all our destinations. Then those last few miles take a while in the city traffic especially given that we'd have to drive to one and then the other before finally getting to the last destination. So what I wanted to do was to get off the car at my daughter's school and float to work so my wife can also drive directly to her work after that. That also means I won't be really carrying the board myself. Would just put it in the trunk.

    Of course I'd have to wait and hopefully see how that turns out to be in practice.

  • I live just outside of Boston and commute to it and Cambridge (which is the more difficult of the two).
    I already don't commute by car since it'd take forever and parking is ridiculously expensive ($45 a day).
    My commute is really unpredictable so I was hoping one of these e devices could make it consistent at least during all seasons that aren't winter.
    Instead of 30 minutes to 2 hours, it'd be about 35 minutes consistently. Definitely worth the cost to me.

  • Just got an Email from FM, saying they will be ramping up production soon. But haven't they said that many times in the past few weeks? The email used the same BS lines we've been getting from them for months now.

  • @TyDie I got that email also.

    I saw someone I follow on insta recieved their black fender and it looks amazing.

    Its not dark grey but more jet black

  • @meowers don’t cancel. I’m Southern NH!!! We can ride.

  • Ah sorry man. I cancelled already.
    They were really quick about it which was nice (didn't question me, didn't try to convince me out of it.) Did take 5 times to not be auto hung up on though.

  • @meowers no worries. Let’s meet up when I get mine!

  • @Franko oh sick!!! Thanks for sharing, I haven’t seen that before!

  • Slate Pint just went into “production” with an August 10 ship date. Ordered March 14. #46XXX

    Now let’s see if that holds.

  • @Rexaur Yay!!!!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  • @Rexaur
    Slate pint showing in production as well.
    “Shipping” August 10, ordered march 14, 46xxx

  • How do you guys know when yours is in production? Mine just shifted to the 22nd 😤

  • @tzracer22 the "in the cue" will say "in production" instead

  • Mine too!

  • @woodynz sorry it happened to you. I hoped they would recheck other orders after my experience. For me it was at least feasible to drive to another country, I don't think they could offer the same alternative to you.

    For now I'm pretty happy with my electric scooter, the range is great (~30km with my 105kg). The top speed (25kph) is a bit slow, but I don't know if I would dare to go the same speed on a OW. I've hit a few bumps at that speed and I'm not sure if I could recover from that on the OW.

    Now, with a bit more EV experience, I'm not sure if the OW would have fit my purpose (5km commute). It still looks super fun and I want it, but maybe as a weekend joy ride instead of a daily commuting vehicle. Either way I'm not going to be thinking about getting one at least until the next summer.

  • I think I saw it somewhere before but does anyone have the dimensions of the pint?

    I want to make the model in 3D but finding images of the top and side angles is hard work.

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