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  • @TyDie
    Good to hear you have some experience on the OW via the XR. If you were good with XR other than size then the Pint will fit your style perfectly. The Pint's smaller tighter structure is very fun and nimble vs the XR. The shape of Pint's tire is also a maneuverability gain... It requires a bit more balance but the rounder arch vs flat on the standard OWs is a fun thing to carve with... I would suggest turning off Simple Stop so you ride in both directions (vs forward only).

  • Hi Guys, after ordering in mid may, and lurking around watching peoples updates... Today I finally got the wonderful change of order status, to "In Production". Was hoping to have the one wheel before a trip to LA next Thursday, but seems unlikely. What's peoples experience regarding days it's taken from "In Production" to Pint being received.

  • @raphymac I am also going on a trip on Thursday so I has them upgrade my shipping to overnight. Mine went into production on Monday and it's still tracking the 8/19 shipping date. I was kinda hoping that they may ship it earlier than promised but I don't suppose they'd be shipping anything over the weekend so more realistically I'm just hoping for the promised 8/19 shipping date at this point

  • @raphymac to share a bit of recent updates:

    • My pint was scheduled for shipping on the 15th of August since the latest global "pushback"
    • it went in production on the 7th of August
    • on the 13th of August, the website pushed one day and displayed shipping schedule for the 16th
    • it finally shipped on the 15th!

    I am now waiting for the international shipping and customs which may take quite a long time, I will post all the details (time, costs, etc.) for anyone interested

    Note: fender is still pending for shipping

  • Has anyone received their Pint bumpers yet?

    I’ve finally gotten shipping confirmation on all my accessories (fender/rail gaurds/mag handle) except for the bumpers, which was kinda odd I thought.

  • @a_onekatie i got my bumpers, but it took me 3 or 4 calls to get them. they shipped my fender and rail guards after the 3rd call, and then the bumpers took me another call.

  • @Franko ugg alright. Guess I’ll shoot another email out to Jon.

  • @a_onekatie Jon really helped me -- i'm sure he'll do his best for you!

  • Finally got shipped! Seems like a life time

  • I can’t believe it! My pint went in production today! :D
    With an estimated shipping date of August the 27th.
    Really seems like they got production rolling.🤞

  • @crazy4-o same here.. same date 27th lol

    I saw it said 27th and noticed something looked different... i saw the animation of the packaging machine making pints and i was thinking how come ive never noticed this before haha

    then it said in production at the top left... click!!! im a bit slow today :)

    Does anyone know how long its in production for? im assuming 7 days.

  • So...Just an FYI to anyone else who may have ordered them, I've just been informed that the Dark Green bumper color set is on back order :(

  • @a_onekatie
    Because....You already know why...;)

  • Look who's here!


  • @sinah man, that all-black looks awesome. it's like the Darth Vader TIE fighter of Pints!

  • @sinah that's the look I went for.

    Wheres the side rails from? I thought it was just a clear sheet of plastic they gave us for rail guards

  • @Daymos Mashing on the refresh button today. I'm still in the queue, but I've got an Aug 28th ship date. So excited....

  • @Daymos accessories haven't shipped with it. I've just applied a carbon fiber wrap on it to get just a tiny amount of protection. I have to say my board is already full of scratches :p

  • @Franko I know. I was pretty happy with it myself. Given that the rail guards are clear color, I'm thinking when they eventually arrive I'll do a carbon fiber layer on top of them before putting them on the board. Or perhaps the other way around depending on the material

  • Slate Pint originally due 8/13, now at 9/3...can't wait. Also, sinah, where'd you get those rail guards-NICE
    PS- if you're reading this post, Kudos to the FM Support Team. Haven't been able to post since joining, and in the midst of the pintpalooza madness, they still got back to me...not lightning fast, but they followed through, and I'm appreciative.

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