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  • @J0nKn1ght @Daymos was charged £250 without accessories, that’s a huge difference. I wonder what the difference was?

  • @Mark-Vlogs I don't really understand why it would be different.
    It's difficult to do a comparison, because of the accessories that I ordered, but I think the total cost was about the same that I'd have paid buying one from a UK retailer, what with the $200 shipping cost, the taxes and the landing costs from FedEx. If I'd known how long I'd have to wait when I ordered it in March, I probably wouldn't have done it direct from FM.
    I ended up buying an XR from The Snowboard Shop in Fleet as well, as I was fed up with waiting! :)

  • @J0nKn1ght thats crazy.

    Thats the issues people have with customes charges is the randomness.

    I have free shipping as that was the promotion they had at the time.

    It seems my accesories are not part of this delivery so i will see how much it is next week.

    Also... how do you pay? when they arrive on your dorstep or online once it crosses the boarder?

  • @Daymos I got an SMS from FedEx with a link to their payment site, I think when the package was still in transit to the UK. Then you just pay by credit card on their site.
    As I mentioned, I queried the £12 charge that they added when the Pint was shipped, which delayed things for a couple of days. I just paid the amount straight away for the accessories, and it actually arrived a day ahead of schedule.

  • Sep 5th has been holding steady, and I am now "in production"!!!!!

  • One day away from my shipping date..... closest I’ve ever got..... will it ship?

  • @Alki_Soupboy - Same here (Order 56xxx). FM seems to have gotten the process refined, and I haven't heard too many complaints of further slippage. I'm hoping you get yours ASAP!

    I've bounced back and forth between shipping today and tomorrow several times, seems to be settled on tomorrow. I'm in the Bay Area (Sonoma county), so I suspect it'll be one-day transit time for me, but I'm still hoping for a sudden "upgrade" to shipping today, as I'm leaving for the long weekend, and don't want to have to coordinate with a neighbor if it doesn't show up Friday!

    Oddly enough, I'll be in San Jose, but unfortunately FM doesn't have a pick-up in person option! Too bad, could have saved them some shipping $$$.

    Hope you get it quick and will be floating soon!

  • @BrettJB check the system at 5pm their time.

    If the dude wheres my onewheel fails to load for 30 mins or so.. it's good news :)

  • @BrettJB awesome. Hopefully we both get them soon. I too am 56xxx!

  • I just got a message from fed ex £287.22 for customes and £12 which is their fee for paying the amount (or some shit)

    I'm really hoping my accesories are included in that

  • @TyDie same! Just checked, I'm in production! Sept 6th let's get this lol

  • Anyone on west coast US recall how long delivery took once their pint has shipped? Expect the answer may already be in this thread, but can’t find it...thanks for any info. Float on!

  • @McFloaty Mine shipped from San Jose on Friday and arrived in Livermore on Monday. Very quick! But they didn't spring for Saturday delivery ;P

  • @a_onekatie Thanks lots. Been so hung up on shipping date I didn’t consider shipping time! Can’t wait to not have to mooch rides on my buddy’s xr.

  • @Daymos said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    I just got a message from fed ex £287.22 for customes and £12 which is their fee for paying the amount (or some shit)

    I'm really hoping my accesories are included in that

    My accessories turned up today. No extra charge @Daymos . Looks like I paid it all in one hit mate.
    What did you order as accessories as yours is a fair bit more than mine. My 250 covered all costs and was for an ultra charger, fender, bumpers, rail guards and me free mag handle.

  • @tzracer22 i just checked and didnt notice I had a 2nd email from fedex for my accesories so they will come more or less the same time

    I didnt have free delivery.. dont know why i thought that

    I ordered

    Bumpers Pint Dark Grey
    BUNDLE DISCOUNT (-$45.00)

    Rail Guards Pint
    Rail Guards Pint 1
    Fender Pint - Dark Grey
    Fender Pint Dark Grey

    BUNDLE DISCOUNT (-$5.00)

    Onewheel Pint - Slate
    Onewheel Pint Slate 1
    Scroll for more items
    Cost summary
    Description Price
    Subtotal $1,045.00
    Shipping $150.00
    Total USD $1,195.00

    Please excuse the messy cut and paste

    update my pint came Friday morning.. was due to arrive Monday:) My accessories are due to arrive Wednesday so may come Monday or Tuesday at this rate:)*

    Need to buy a helmet and wrist guards.. I'm going out for the day and I was going to charge the pint but my daughter suggested charging it when I'm there later as we dont want it to catch fire 😂😔

    I also probably need to get a power converter

  • @Daymos
    Happy floating!!

  • Just got a call from the FedEx guy! 2 more hours! I can’t believe it’s finally here!:D

  • @crazy4-o Exciting time

  • This thing is amazing! First ride went well with a little tired legs at the end. ;)
    Thanks guys for the last 3 and a half month!
    Happy floating and safe riding!✌️

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