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  • Long, long time lurker here. I just got my pint after about 2 and 1/2 months of waiting. By the time FM got to my order, I think they were pretty much caught up on accessories. I had ordered a fender with my pint, and it shipped later, but both arrived at the same time (conveniently when I had left for a weekend at comic con haha). Opened it up this last Sunday (9/8) and have got 10 miles on it since. Gotta say, it's WAY easier to learn than I thought it would be. I have absolutely zero experience with ANYTHING board related. No background of skateboarding, snowboarding, surfboarding, nothing. Honestly I'm not really sure why I got a onewheel, but I'm sure as hell glad I did. I'm already confident enough on it to ride it to work and the bank (both of which are within one mile of my house) and I can't get enough of it.

    I almost cancelled, too.

    To answer @DashinglyHunter: I pre-ordered my pint and fender on June 20th, and they arrived on September 6th.


    Well I’ll be damed!

    My estimated shipping date has moved from 10/1/19, to 9/28/19!! Either FM is making great progress, or I got my order in before they’ve said ships in 2-3 weeks. I’ll keep you guys posted!


  • Ordered in July, #62xxx .. Will be here tomorrow! Yayyyy. Two super annoying things at the end, though: shipping label was created Monday at noon and they didn't even get it out the door on time so it delayed shipping another day :-( And the week leading up to this it showed in production the whole time. I'm sorry but it doesn't take a whole week to put this together. Assembled in modules, IM SURE, should be within a day. It's as if they do a whole week at a time and then try to ship them all on a Monday. Crazy.

  • @RonZon IDK, they might have to do additional QC inspections etc that could add a few days. Mine showed "In Production" for three days straight. Each day after 5 pm PST I noticed the status would change to "In Queue" overnight and then go back to "In Production" once regular office hours resumed. Seems legit to me.

  • Alright this is best!

    Bumped down two more days to September 26th. I’m gettin excited. Did anyone else’s Estimated Shipping date go down like mine has when they ordered their board? 033EFF3D-2583-49D2-B5FC-EF1E935181D0.png

  • I ordered my pint on Aug 21st - estimate was Sept 21 (1 month exactly)
    For first 2 weeks estimate went down to Sept 20 -> Sept 19
    2-3 days ago my order was moved to production, at same time estimate moved to Sept 18th

    I just wanted to share the timeline with you guys. Looks like FM refined the production process.

    Order: 6699X


  • @DashinglyHunter said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    Alright this is best!

    Did anyone else’s Estimated Shipping date go down like mine has when they ordered their board?

    Yes, mine went like this:


    • May 29
    • June 17
    • June 28
    • July 21
    • July 19

    In the end July 19th stuck, which was a Friday and I received my board on Monday.

  • @a_onekatie
    I' m assuming why yours had jumped down so much was due to yours being a pre-order possibly. Its weird how it jumped from June 17th to June 28th, but that's got to be expected due to it being a pre-order.

    Also @Mortdecai ,
    Love the order number :P

    I'm hoping and assuming that my board will go into production in about a week from now or so.

  • I ordered mine Sep 2th. Order number 68xx. First estimated date was Sep 26, then 25, 24th. Then today, it jumped to Friday 20th! Hoping it sticks! I'm close to San Jose, so I wonder if I could go pick it up on 20th, then have whole weekend to play with.

  • @waters10 Sadly FM has said before that they don’t allow people to pick up their boards due to some manufacturing policies or something.

  • @waters10 My ship date started the 27th, then to the 26th, and yesterday went to the 24th. Maybe mine will get closer next week to. :D

  • I ordered my Pint on 8/19... it showed a 9/18 shipping date after ordering it, the first couple weeks the ship date slipped back a few times to the 19th during the evening/night then back to the 18th the next morning, the first weekend it slipped back to the 20th but went back to the 18th on the next monday... the last 2 weeks its been holding at the 18th except one night it slipped back to the 19th for a night...then on the 10th it showed In Production and been showing shipping date of the 18th the whole time since then... I hope it ships a day or two early like people have been indicated lately... I been check it daily, can't wait for the Pint to arrive, it will be my first Onewheel, so stoked... if i like it, which i believe i will, it will turn into my kid's board and i will turn around and get the XR.

  • Ordered mine Aug 23, FM shows Sep 18 and in production. We'll see.
    : )
    Update: It left the factory. 25 Sep delivery date.
    Update 23 Sep: FedEx says 24 Sep. Won't get excited until I see that box.

  • I got my Pint about a week ago, and I've put 41 miles on it. It's incredible, totally worth the wait.

  • UPDATE!!

    We’re in production wooot wooot!!!!

  • Update: Yesterday my Pint got shipped, should be here by end of this Friday.

    Basically it took exactly 1 month from making online purchase to actually hold the pint in hands :)


  • @DashinglyHunter

    Nice! I'm a first time OW owner (soon to be) as well.
    I nearly went with the coral fender with my order but decided to keep it all grey.

    Might pick up the Coral as a second set. Did you order any additional accessories or third party parts?

    I added a few charger plugs with my initial order from OW but I'm thinking about getting a Pint Float Plate (currently sold out for Pint from The Float Life) as I imagine I'll be doing a decent amount of curb drops and either some rail guards or tape for cosmetic protection.

    Fingers crossed my ship date gets another early bump like yours.. I'm anxious to get some carving in while the weather is still decent in Salt Lake City. Haven't seen any Pints on the roads yet but plenty of XR's.

    Ordered: 9/14/19
    Estimated Ship Date: Previously 10/1/19, updated to 9/28/19
    Actual Ship Date: TBD
    Delivered: TBD


  • Whooo hooo. Shipped a day early.


  • Well ouch. That hurts. Just read the e-mail. It's the fender that is shipping today. Board still "in production" according to the e-mail.

    I think I'll go cry in a corner now. :D

  • @UTrider said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    Well ouch. That hurts. Just read the e-mail. It's the fender that is shipping today. Board still "in production" according to the e-mail.

    oh no! that sucks : (

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