Your Pint Shipping Date

  • @Franko So excited for you.

  • @LidPhones will do! i'm not much of a social media guy, but i'll take pix of it and post it here for sure. Fedex usually delivers around 3pm or so, which is less than a half hour from now. i keep pacing around and checking the front porch, haha

    EDIT: i no sooner hit "post" on this and the doorbell rang. i've spent the past 20-30 mins opening it and trying to figure out how to share some photos, haha. anyone know a good place to host pix? i have some in my google drive...

    EDIT 2: i just realized that my fender, bumpers, and rail guards are not part of this shipment -- they are listed as shipping later. : (

    EDIT 3: Just called FM with a couple questions, and they said: (1) the out-of-the-box tire pressure is 20 psi (in case anyone else is interested); and (2) they are hoping to ship out any ordered accessories this week. they wanted to ship them with the Pints, but it didn't happen and they didn't want to hold anything up any more. the guy i talked to also said "congratulations on getting a Pint -- you're my first call for them!" : D

  • @Franko Upload image into the post! (It's the last option on the formatting bar when writing a post.)


  • @DreamTour said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    Upload image into the post!

    really? oh duh... i guess i was so excited i went blind for a bit or something, haha.
    here y'all go....


  • @Franko Awesome! Does it come fully charged, ready to ride?

  • @brahlay I will guess probably 50 - 80% as they need to test it in the factory.

    Great photos...thank you.

    This guy got one also today

  • @brahlay well, it turned on, enough for me to see how the new lightbar responds with the footpad and all that, but as @Daymos said, i realized when i connected it to the app that it was at about 20% charge. It's charging now, but i wish i would've thought to check what time i plugged it in to see how long it takes to get to full. (next time!)

  • @Daymos True 👍🏼

  • @Franko Good point. I will be aware of this when mine comes in a few weeks. Good to know real chargetime. Thanks for the reply. Congrats n Enjoy!

  • @Franko
    Too funny on the timing of the post & then the delivery.. Nice on being one of the first to get the Pint and also to call FM support with questions. On the tire pressure I would keep it checked like once a week (if not many miles per day) or every couple of days if you put miles on daily. Tire pressure is the most important element for a quality ride in my experience..... Too low and the ride is squishy with range reduced. Too high and the ride can be wobbly but range gets better. You will settle somewhere between most likely..... Have fun Bro!

  • @Daymos mine was supposed to ship 7/16. On 7/15 1130 pm I got pushed back another week. Likely combing the forum and laughing their asses off.

  • @Prestonwest perhaps they are adding accessories with your batch of orders moving forward.

    Hey has anyone see a pint on the onewheel app leaderboard yet?

  • @Franko Fantastic news, the Pint has landed. Stoked for you.

  • Now 7/25 from 7/20, kind of expected...

  • @Daymos said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    perhaps they are adding accessories with your batch of orders moving forward.

    you know, this might be the case. the rep i talked to on the phone said that they wanted to ship the Pints with any accessories this week, but something happened and they decided to just ship the Pints so they wouldn't have to delay again. he said they hoped to ship the accessories for the first run of Pints sometime this week. maybe they are delaying slightly to allow them to start shipping complete orders, rather than playing catch-up constantly.

  • I was a bit hopeful that my shipping date would move up when they started shipping, but I'm still stuck at August 15th.
    On a related note, I'm moving on August 15th, will Future Motion change my shipping address if I call them?

  • I'm order 442## (ordered an hour after the announcement). My shipping date was bumped from 16.7 to 20.7.

    Even tough he has a higher order #, I see @Franko got his already (congrats BTW 😎). I guess they are either shipping sage OWs first, or maybe they are delaying international orders so they can ship them with accessories.

    Even though I think that the customs process will be simpler if everything is bundled, I'm still impatient since shipping and customs will probably take an additional 7-10 days for me 😅

  • @Nikola where are you based?

    I think the 2nd thing you said about international orders makes sense.

    They wouldnt want to send out 2 deliveries overseas as it will become costly for them.

    I'm in the UK and hoping I get mine and accessories half way in August.

  • @Nikola said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    Even tough he has a higher order #, I see @Franko got his already (congrats BTW 😎). I guess they are either shipping sage OWs first, or maybe they are delaying international orders so they can ship them with accessories.

    thanks! i keep going back and forth on whether i believe they are shipping the Sage models first or not, but now i'm back on the side of believing this is true. I thought i saw somewhere that other colors have shipped, but i've only seen mention of Sage models out in the wild so far, and i guess it does make sense that they would focus on getting out the limited edition models out of the way first, so they could then focus on the other colors.

  • @JayWalker I'm sure customer services will help but from my experience with changing address mid order is not good.

    Companies use so many systems so there's a chance they may still send it to the original address and not update all properly. Most companies dont let you change anything when the orders pending but I dont know how FM do things.

    Wouldnt hurt to ask or failing that.. camp outside your old place and wait for it to come 😁

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