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  • Slate Pint #442xx slipped from 20.7 to 23.7 šŸ˜«

    I didn't think they would ship it on a Saturday, so I somewhat expected this. Hopefully no more changes, since this emotional rollercoaster is getting exhausting šŸ˜„

  • @Rexaur Iā€™m order 46xxx as well.

  • @Nikola to calculate: yours as a 442xx set for 7/23 and mine a 449xx set for 7/25 (which will probably end up 7/26 as yours recently moved and mine has not)

    Estimated 700 pints between us in terms of orders spread over 3 days would make 225 pints produced per day.

    Estimating the factory operating 90% of days (3650.9~330). Possible pints produced in one year 330225~75,000.

    At $1000 each, total possible revenue of $75,000,000. At a 20% profit margin gives (probably gross) profit of $15 million.

    Estimated construction costs of $400/sf for the factory and 60,000sf ~ $24 million to build the factory. Estimated profitability on Pint division at 1.5 years from launch.

    All of this total speculation, just something to do while waiting for 7/25 (7/26, 7/27...)

  • @steak fun! But all that is assuming they maintain the same level of demand and production rate for the next 1.5 years. Let's not forget they have several months of backorders right now.

    Just playing along as I wait for 8/5 (8/6, 8/7, ...) šŸ˜„

  • @steak said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    Estimated 700 pints between us in terms of orders spread over 3 days would make 225 pints produced per day.

    well, it might be less than 700, since the counter reflects ALL orders on the OW site, including other boards and accessories.

  • @Franko Accessory-only orders are numbered differently I believe. 6xxx

  • @steak they're probably going to produce the other models in the same factory, but who knows what kinds of hidden costs we don't know about šŸ˜‰

  • If you check the app you can see the amount of users who exist.

    Theres currently 5 pints registered and in use via the app.

    I'm not sure if you can switch off this info or use the board without the app?

  • @sinah
    *slate pint bundle order #52116 now at aug 9 eta, used to be jul 22
    *rail guards pint (accessory-only) order #53221

  • My Slate Pint Order #58485 is still expected August 16, but I'm nervous it will move back again since other Slate orders are.
    They posted a video today on Instagram of a bunch of Pints and I don't believe any of them were slate-colored.

  • @Nick-carmeci said in Your Pint Shipping Date:

    I recently purchased my pint (July 6). I stumbled upon the onewheel a couple years ago, instantly wanted one but just thought it was too expensive for me. Suddenly I find out there's a mini type version! I had to get one. My only concern is my ship date. (Aug 20) Do you think that is accurate or will it change at any time like it says?

    We know production is rolling along now, there shouldn't be any reason for your order date to push out. On an instagram post earlier this week (Monday?) they commented that "Pint orders made today are estimated to ship Aug 21! XR orders are estimated for July 16 (fist bump emoji)"

  • @rageouse mine just slipped from the 17th of August to the 20

  • Mine just went from 17 to 16 Aug. It'll be cool with me if it keeps backing up. At least I have a v1 to ride while I'm waiting.

  • @steak Brilliant!

  • Wait, it just jumped to August 19. Lol this is comical. It's all good, it'll get here soon enough. I'm not too worried about missing a prime riding season because where I live I can ride on clean streets pretty much up to December.

  • Mine jumped to from 13th to 14th August.

    Order number 549XX

    Slate Pint
    Bumper Dark Grey
    Rail Guards
    Fender Dark Grey

    I didnt get the fast charger.

    Perhaps the delays are because they haven't moulded/ created the accessories in all colours yet.

  • My date just moved back another day to Aug, 17th. I don't imagine they'll be shipping on a Saturday though so it is more realistic that it ships the following Monday

  • @Daymos
    Surprise surprise... Same here!
    Went from 13th to 14th August.
    Sand pint
    No accessories...

  • Awaiting arrival today. Sage Pint only, accessories to follow.

  • @Vindigo75 have you had any word on when your accessories might ship? when i talked to a rep at OW on monday, he said they were hoping to ship this week, but i haven't received any word of mine shipping. i'm wondering if i need to call again to get a better estimate, because it's sure looking like they aren't going out this week.

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