Foot placement

  • When both feet are positioned exactly right on the pads (angle and distance towards toe/heel edge, and I suppose amount legs spread apart), I get can get that amazing feeling of moving by mind control, or of genuine powder snowboarding. I can turn without even bending at the waist. I love that feeling of being in perfect balanced equilibrium.

    It always takes a bit of adjustment when I hop on the board, and of course you can't adjust your front foot while moving.

    Does anybody get it perfect then trace their feet with a sharpie or anything? Almost like "air bindings?"

  • Actually you can adjust your front foot, if you are quick about it. There is a brief delay, while moving, before it shuts down. It is only when you are still that removal from one pad will instantly shut the board down. You can find the specifics in the owners handbook.

  • @jpsimons you can 'go light' on both feet at the same time and just move the front. Another option with the front is to pivot either toe or heal to move it around. As long as you are more than 1mph it won't shut off. Give it a try!

  • @jpsimons
    Cool idea on “air bindings”. I find the foot position changes slightly as my ride duration and distance increases. I tend to have minimal angle to my feet at the start of a ride, so 90 degree to the board edge. Then say above 4 or 5 miles in I move them like @stinkyface notes getting a bit more duck footed. Enjoy the Terrasurfing!

  • I just have my ideal foot position memorized and get on the same way every time. I use the fender as a guide, since I like my heels to be touching the fender.

  • I use a starting reference point and it usually stays like that !20190513_231226.jpg

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