Worn out front grip tape? Don’t replace, refresh grit

  • I’m close to 900 miles on my XR and I’ve recently replaced my rear footpad with a Surestance Pro. Love the grip. My worn front grip tape felt weak in comparison.
    I researched replacing the grip tape on the front footpad. If you’ve considered this, you’ll have seen people heating and peeling the old grip tape off.
    It made me nervous to subject the front sensor to heat and mechanical stress. I didn’t want to risk damage to the sensor as that could mean intermittent sensor failure. In other words pain & injury.
    Since FM will only sell a set of decks. I decided to refresh my front grip tape with some aerosol art/craft glue and some silicone carbide grit made for rock tumblers. Not super pretty but much more grip. Remove the front footpad first!

  • @lmuraro give us something to look at please 😁

  • @lmuraro
    I like the way you went on this. Please post a picture like @Khayman commented. I have a 3M contact who can get me some industrial strength spray if needed for extra hold... Also let us know how it holds up.

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