Kickstarter Launches Today for the Injection Molded Glider v3.0 with Stainless Steel Plates

  • KICKSTARTER LAUNCH DAY has finally arrived! The Kickstarter campaign page for the Injection Molded Glider v3.0 with Stainless Steel Plates is officially live! Say goodbye to the 3D printed v2.0. This is going to take the Glider to a whole new level in quality, durability, and affordability! Come show your support at and don't forget to share the stoke with all of your fellow Onewheel enthusiasts!

    The first round of v3.0 production will include the Black Full Bumper Package (with wheels and handle) for Onewheel Plus and XR, as well as the Black Single Bumper Package (with just wheels) for Onewheel Plus and XR. Kickstarter limited time discounted prices will range from $60-$95. Upgrades include:

    • Increased strength and durability as a result of solid fill injection molded plastic
    • Stainless steel plates and battery protectors to provide maximum protection for the underside of your board (for XR packages)
    • Stainless steel threaded screw inserts, screws, and hinges
    • Magnetic handle locking to ensure that the handle will not come loose mid-ride (for full bumper packages)
    • Molded packaging to keep each Glider component securely in place during shipping
    • A smooth, flawless finish
    • Increased compatibility with other 3rd party accessories
    • One year warranty
    • Complementary XLR Plugs (if stretch goal is reached)
    • Handle extension (if stretch goal is reached)
    • Curved stainless steel plates (if stretch goal is reached)
    • Stainless steel bumper option (if stretch goal is reached)

    We've spent two and a half years perfecting the Glider's design, and have been in communication with a manufacturer since January ironing out the details. All of the ducks are in a row. We just need the funding. As you can imagine, injection molding and mass production requires a hefty up front investment, which is why it's taken this long to do it. But we know that we can make this happen with your help through Kickstarter, and we can't wait to watch the Glider v3.0 become the BEST iteration yet! It's gonna be awesome! #GlideOn Fam!

    Protect against nosedives.

    Roll your Onewheel like luggage.

    Prototype for the XR Package