The Waiting Game 2

  • Greetings from Tokyo. DUDE, WHERE'S MY ONEWHEEL? I ordered a Pint and Estimated Shipping date now July 26th delays a week every time I check I am now afraid to login.

    If it's going to take them a long time to make them, that's cool. Tell me that upfront. Estimate better. Don't give us false expectation and then crush it week after week. And to do that to people who is really excited and want to be part of this community, that's just not very nice.

  • I completely agree with you! At least tell us that it is a "pre-order" and they're not sure of the delivery date yet. Then keep us posted on any updates / problems with production. I think that we'd be understandable since I bet most of the buyers are return customers. Or could I say "investors" now.

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