App Percentage of Battery was wrong. Thats how I solved the problem

  • So the calibration of the Battery percentage was wrong and didn't correctly indicate the battery percentage.

    So I plotted the driven Distance With the Battery percentage. The ride was fairly even and quiet consistent in power consumption. I rode it until the battery was dead ( OneWheel V1) 15 km .

    Then I plotted the Battery Voltage to the Battery Percentage (km of the ride / 15 km )

    Then I figured out the spline interpolation function for the points given

    Here the points x value = Voltage y Value = Battery percentage

    [47,1], [47.9,4], [50.9,4],[51,8,18],[52.7,4],[52.8,43],[53,58],[53.1,68],[53.2,73],[53.62,85], [53.71,94],[58,100]

    for Voltage 47 Volt- 53.75 Volts
    Battery Percentage = Voltage / (33.99221994 * Voltage - 507.8752687 Voltage(^1/2) + 1896.895271)

    for Voltage 53.75 - 58 Volts
    Battery percentage = 100 + (4.4-100)/(1+exp((Voltage-53)/0.42))

    I will make a little App for myself to bypass the difficulties of the Official OneWheel App.

    Hope this proves useful to some of you out there...![alt text]

    Here the graphs of the sigmoid and exponential function plotting voltage to Battery percentage

    9d51ad29-967b-47b9-bbe8-189e32ba7bd5-Bildschirmfoto 2019-05-19 um 14.53.25.png

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