Question for XR owners

  • Can anyone tell me how long it took for XR’s to start shipping a few days after an order was placed? Seems like the pint preorders are working their way into August as of now. I’m curious how long it took FM to catch up when the XR was on preorder?

  • I ordered my XR on May 22, 2018 and received it June 19, 2018.@gottaflo

  • It took several months for them to catch up with orders. But I would imagine they have learned from that experience, so maybe not as long now.

  • Thanks! Instead of buying the pint now and waiting 2 or 3 months to get it I’m just going to keep saving money until they get caught up with orders. By then I’ll be able to see some real world reviews on the pint, plus by then I should have enough for an XR if those real world reviews don’t look so good. I don’t plan on traveling more than 6 miles at a time so the pint looks perfect for me so I’m really hoping the reviews are good. However, if not I know the XR is a winner for sure. It’s a win win in my mind.

  • Why wait around? I bought a (+) less than a year ago with 86 miles on it for $1200.00 and have put over 600 miles on it. It already had a nice fender and fangs too. People buy these things, take a couple of falls and sell them. There's killer deals on Craigslist.

  • Good point! Trust me, I’ve been watching Craigslist and Facebook like a hawk. I live in the upper IL lower WI area and I know of every board that is posted used. Let me tell you what stops me from buying used. I just got back from a bike ride with my 9 year old daughter who wants a pint as much as I do. We rode around for 5 miles and hit a top speed of 15.4mph. I have a Garmin watch so I can log everything. We had a blast and really got to spend some quality time just cruising and chatting. 15mph is fast enough to just cruise and 6-8 miles is the perfect distance to cruise the town with my kids. I have two kids so I’d be looking at buying 3 one wheels for us all to ride together. Resale value is just too high to justify not buying pints. FM really made a smart move with the pints price point. Why would anyone buy a used + for $1000 when they can buy a brand new pint for $950???? I’m just hoping FM gets caught up in production soon so I can place my order. I totally understand though. With 40 or so employees you can only do so much. I’m really looking forward to floating around town with my kids. Riding bikes together is fun, one wheeling together is going to be epic and something we’ll never forget. Side note, 9 year old girl and 11 year old boy. Both athletic and have experience on skateboards. I think they will take to the One Wheel like fish in water.

  • @gottaflo
    Sounds like you have a solid plan and it is great to have your family ride with you. I would suggest getting yourself the XR due to adult weights being more than kids. Plus you will enjoy the extra miles. This kids will be good with a + or a Pint. Have fun......

  • @gottaflo

    So the reason people are still buying OW+'s is charge time. You are correct on the range being equal but it's a ~20 min charge time vs 120 min charge time. So when we did group rides in the city or trails, we'd make sure there is a power outlet near by, grab a coffee and sit for half an hour while all the boards recharged.

    For people looking for crazy battery range, the OW+ allows for more ways to add range (Two-X, X2, X3, EGO, etc...).

    That said for you, it might be nice to have all Pints that share charges and range... but your kids will get more miles than you due to weight. So... you may actually need an XR to get the same mileage per charge as them.

    And if you look around, used OW+'s are going for $800-900 typically.

  • @skyman88 Thanks, good point! I didn't even consider the charge time. 20mins vs 120mins is a huge difference. hmmmm. You got me thinking now.. Used may not be such a bad idea.

  • @gottaflo
    And to be clear, the quoted 20 min charge is from 20% to 90% or something like that. A full charge is more like 40 minutes... but either way, a cup of coffee and quick break. With the XR unless I'm going some place far, I often don't even look at my battery any more.... I did 10.5 miles last night and plenty more in the tank.

  • Ordered on May 20th, was riding in Oregon on May 24th. Was a nice surprise it only took a few days as I was expecting 4 weeks per the website.

  • @gottaflo Trust me, after a little bit of riding, you’ll wish you didn’t need to charge up after 6 miles. Time flies when your having fun and so do the miles!

  • @gottaflo I have a ten and fifteen year old (both boys) and just purchased a third Onewheel off of eBay. You’ll have a blast riding with your kids. My fifteen year old is a madman on the Onewheel and he’s not into sports at all so I’m sure your kids will enjoy the experience.

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