OW+ 💯% charge malfunction

  • Rode about 2 miles and had around 45% charge and turned it off...then would turn on but it wouldn’t engage and vacillated in app between 1% and 100% charged. Ended up charging it and power button indicated so but the app didn’t. Really weird. Only 290 miles on it. Maybe I’m not draining the battery enough? Something worse? Feel unsettled. Although...Finally have it at 82% and seems to agree with what it should be about at right now.

    Just charged it again today and again it wouldn’t engage but then 2nd try it did. I was apprehensive but rode to try to completely wind down the battery careful to not stop as I didn’t want to enter the condition again of it not starting. I rode until 15% and then it behaved as if there was nothing left as in I couldn’t brake any longer and then it completely gave out and said there was no battery left. So 15% down to nothing in a second essentially. Much better than 45% down to nothing so maybe it’s in an upswing now and something was resetting with the battery? Everything else again seems fine. It rode as it always does. I’m in Mission mode fwiw. Thanks for anyone reading this.

  • @mfgage

    If it's just simple cell imbalance issue, you are on the right path. Usually if you turn the board back on at 15% and keep riding until it turns off, you can get the app to read 1%. Then for me, on my OW+ when this happened, I had to do a 72 hour charge. I had tried shorter but the cells wouldn't balance. The OW app used to let you see the voltages of each cell (there are a few Android apps that still do), so you had a better idea if one cell wasn't trending with the rest.

    My personal experience when this happened, the 24 and 48 hour charges were never enough and my cells would still not all be perfectly balanced... but 72 hour was the trick. Did that once, and it never happened again. I definitely don't ride my OW+ much after getting an XR but I still take it around the block from time to time to make sure everything is still ready to go.

  • @skyman88 I'm also on a + and had a similar thing happen. 48 hour charge did it for me, but before that, for a few days, the board would not charge at all and battery read at 00%. I don't know if there was something magic about the 48 hours, or if it was just a coincidence. All clear since then.

  • Ty so much you guys. Will let it sit and charge for 72 hours.

  • For what it's worth guys, I have 1700 miles on my + and I've ALWAYS kept it on the charger when not riding. I used to ride it every day, but since I got my XR, it's more like once or twice a week for the last few months. Granted, 90% of the time I ride it at least until it's under 30%, but I've never had any issues with battery percentage reporting. Could be a coincidence, but I know some folks take their boards off the charger after it hits 95 or 100.

  • Did the 72 hr charge. Rode it until 20% about and had similar thing where power dropped sharply after that... charged it again and it read 100% charge but wouldn’t turn on. Now it won’t start up at all or show up in the app — which is completely a new situation. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Ps. It will turn on if I have it plugged in. Riding is obviously a problem having it plugged into the wall however

  • @MountainGoat so when you plugged in charge cable your lights were on? That happening to me. They won’t turn off.. I’d like to try your 48 hr charge but maybe I’ll have light issues also if I leave it on that long?

    Still cant turn it on unless it’s plugged in

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