V1 Onewheel disengages

  • Recently my V1 Onewheel will disengage when I come to a stop to cross a street, it doesn’t happen every time, but the other day it happened twice in one ride. Slow to a stop and it just drops, but still powered on. My foot is securely planted on the sensor, so not sure what’s up. Thoughts? Bad sensor, maybe? I only have about 400 miles on the clock.

  • Shoes maybe? Change in the weather? I also ride a V1 -- with high mileage.

  • @blkwalnutgrwr same shoes every ride, vans size 10.5. Ride 6 miles today, no sign of the issue, but the weather was the same as the other day. Just not sure.

  • @Teece
    Even with relatively low miles the V1 front sensor might be experiencing contact issues leading the the motor disengaging? Do you have APP notices on if one sensor contact is lost at speed? If you see this under normal riding then it likely is the sensor verse shoe contact.

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