OneWheel suddenly dropped to the ground...

  • I was riding in Extreme mode.

    I was going very slow down a flat sidewalk, I decided to come to a stop, slowed down, and was nearly stopped and the nose of the OneWheel, suddenly dropped to the sidewalk and I went flying.

    I thought I did something wrong getting off although I had yet to even start to get off...then a few hundred feet later...again in Extreme mode and going SLOW on a flat sidewalk, the nose suddenly dropped all the way to the sidewalk and I went flying again.

    I was NOT going fast enough for 'push back' I was not turning or carving, I was riding VERY slowly.

    I have monitored the speedometer while riding (not recommended although I did a few times), and the board always gave push back at 12-13mph. I was no where near those speeds. I have emailed OneWheel and expect a response. I LOVE riding the OneWheel. And if it occasionally suddenly has a software error and stops auto balancing...well any of us could get killed. I want a response from One Wheel.

    What I want is feedback from OneWheel...PLEASE do not make random comments, assumptions, guesses, etc. If you have had the same experience please post. If you know a solution or have heard from One Wheel please post an answer. If OneWheel has responded in this post among the 80+ responses, someone please tell me where. I can't stand reading all the typical forum BS.

    Thank you and Ride On!!!

  • Sounds like user error to low speed you need to be on both sensors .. High speed only one but I still recommend staying in them both..

  • sounds like your battery died?

  • I had the same issue, it is not a speed problem, it is a basic OW technical malfunction. From all the stories I suspect the sensors to be the source of the nosedives...

  • Agreed with @njcustom - this sounds like user error - i.e. foot losing contact with one (but not both) of the sensors. Once speed was reduced below the single-sensor threshold, the board shut down as designed.

  • Did you wear the same shoes as always?

  • This post is deleted!

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