PSA - stay safe out there

  • Hey guys, I know all of you have moms that try overly hard to keep you safe everyday, but I just wanted to share that I lost a dear friend on a one wheel last month. He was at a park having fun on a level surface, and all we know is that he sustained head injuries that he could not overcome.

    I joined this forum I guess to help me understand how this could be possible, and it seems more plausible given what I have read about nosedive. Anyways, keep my buddy E in mind when you’re out there. Stay safe.

  • @PeauxB Super sorry to hear this news. That’s really sad to know someone has lost their life to this sport.

    Was your friend in Houston?

  • @PeauxB I'm so sorry this happened to your friend. Unfortunately, I think any activity where you're traveling more than a few miles an hour (biking, skateboarding, roller skating, etc) then there is a potential for severe head injuries. I can only assume that if he died of head injuries he was either not wearing a helmet or something truly unlucky happened to him. True a nosedive can be a source of sudden and severe falls as the rider isn't expecting it, but falls can happy for a variety of reasons other than nosedives. Whatever happened, I'm very sorry to hear about it.

  • @PeauxB
    So sorry for your loss. Appreciate the post / reminder to gear up before rides.

  • @PeauxB

    Sorry for your loss.

    I'm not sure if your friend was wearing a helmet, but here's a vid of a guy that captured his wipeout, 'accidentally' showing how hard his head slammed the pavement.

    He was wearing a helmet and was able to get-up and walk away, but it clearly reveals just how bad the head injury would have been had he not had his safety gear.

  • I'm really sorry about your friend. I lost 2 friends to kite boarding due to head injuries (no helmets) and a lot of friends involved in paraglider tragedies. I busted my on stupid head on rocks 20 years ago in a kite boarding in an accident and it was a miracle I survived. Since then, I always wear helmets when I do stuff like this. Thanks I got a second chance. Listen y'all, the helmet isn't just for you, but to help prevent tragedies that hurt all those who care for you. It kills me to think I almost orphaned my son due to being too reckless. I agree, ride safe .

  • @Enterusername If I'm near cars, or riding faster than 10 on pavement, I'm wearing a helmet. Even if I feel like a kook. I want my son to think helmets are cool, so I never ride without one in front of him. Before I REALLY push the limits, I'm going to get motorcycle gear.

    These are the kind of things you do when you are 40 and have tasted dirt a few too many times, knowing at this age the next time might be a life altering injury. All that said- if I die on my OneWheel, at least I will have lived!

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