One Wheel Pint Review


    It’s a fun little rig! Feels like a mini Plus. Not a fan of the Simple Stop, but first timers will probably like it. The Unilli 10.5-4.5-6 is VERY nimble. It was at a super high PSI so much firmer than I would normally ride. The most impressive part is the price. $950 new is a steal for the Pint. It for sure won’t replace the XR, but for an entry level Onewheel or a second board for friends, it’s pretty sick.

    Q: Do you think nimbleness can possibly toned down by replacing this curved tire with flat gocart type tire.

    A: Yes and no. There is a shroud around the wheel with very little tolerance so a wider or more flat tire might not fit. However, I’m almost positive the shroud is removable, but it might look shitty without. It’s not built for 20+ mph trail smashing, but for 15 mph city cruising it will be a blast.

    How was it? Have you ridden an XR before? Does it feel pretty stable or was it a wobble fest? ...thoughts?

    1)It’s a rad little machine for sure! 2)For reference, this is me: 3)they had the psi cranked up pretty high so it was a bit squirly. The Unilli 10.5x4.5-6 is an extremely rounded tire compared to the Vega so you sacrifice stability for carvability. 4) all in all, it absolutely will not be replacing the XR, but at nearly half the price it is a straight up steal! If this is your first OW or you want a second board for friends while they are in town the Pint is a no brainer.


  • yep, i'm still excited. : )

  • @geguia ...great video!!!!

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