Why buy Used?

  • I've been thinking about grabbing a Onewheel+ XR, and I wanted to find a used one to save money. I assumed there would be plenty of turnover because of people doing too much too fast and getting injured. But when I look at eBay, pretty much all of the auctions end up in the $1750+ range, even for beat up looking ones without much description or mileage listed (literally just saying "condition is used" sometimes, with 2 low quality photos). Why would anyone buy a used XR for that much, when it is $1800 new (tax, I know, makes it ~$100 more, but still)? Is saving a hundred bucks worth not knowing it is in perfect condition? This seems insane to me. IMO it would have to be less than $1500 and in great condition to make me even consider buying used. Who are these people bidding the price up to damn-near retail numbers?

  • Also, at those prices I'd rather have a new one with the mfg warranty.

  • I feel the same way you do. If I'm going to pay $1600 or $1700 for something and I can get it brand new with a warranty for $200 or even $300 more, I'm going to spend the extra money to buy new.

  • Dunno man,

    I regularly see them for sale on Craigslist, FB Marketplace, and even on this forum and the OWOG for <$1500

  • @Motoproponent Maybe you are in an area where they are more popular. In Boston they are pretty rare still. I haven't seen any on Craigslist so far. I haven't really checked FB marketplace though. On EBay they seem to start below $1500, but by the time the auction ends, the ones I have seen are all above $1700.

    I guess it's a good sign that the resell value is so high. That way I won't lose much if I buy new and end up not liking it.

    I assumed the warranty would be transferable for used XRs, though. Is this not the case?

  • @gradyoactive are you in the Boston Onewheel group on Facebook? Good place to look for local sales also.

  • @gradyoactive If you are careful in the beginning and don't hurt yourself, I can't imagine you not liking it...

  • those were my thoughts exactly, and the peace mind of factory service if some is wrong.
    I think the pint delays are fueling demand. when the pints start flowing those willing to pay 95% of retail for used/old firmware will be few.

  • Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I joined the Boston FB group. Seems like people sell them on there fairly frequently.

    2 questions, though:

    If I buy someone's recently purchased, lightly used XR, would I not be able to transfer the warranty over to me?

    And isn't the firmware upgradeable to the current version?

  • I bought mine, a + a year ago for $1,200.00 with 86 miles on it (now 760). The guy had an ER visit fall, put a fender and fangs on it, then decided to hang it up. I saw a few on Craigslist for $800.00 but every time I called they were gone. BTW, the fangs have saved me twice from nosedives.

  • @gradyoactive

    You can email FM with the 10 digit serial number, theyll tell you when the warranty is up.

    It is transferrable

  • @gradyoactive I just purchased a used, month old XR with 85 miles on eBay for $1400 and shipping was included. I was patient and looked for the auctions with the “make an offer” tab. Some folks may just need a quick buck and instead of pawning the OW they just throw it on eBay. I also bought a Plus the same way and couldn’t be happier. I check out the completed auctions and see people spending buko bucks on beat up Onewheels and just scratch my head.

  • @mustugio11 Wow, that's a great deal! Thanks for the advice. I hadn't considered making a lowball offer on EBay. Good idea.

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