The warning you never hear about!!

  • Newbie to the OW family. Had my XR for about 3 weeks now and have put 150 miles on it, as well as received some nice road rashes and an avilsion fracture to my wrist! Only way to describe the OW to those that haven't ridden one is its more like a dirt bike than skateboard. It take some trial and error (which includes some bumps and bruises) to figure it out, but once you do it truly becomes and extension of your body and very addictive to ride!

    Like most of you, I read up, watched videos, rode some friends OW's, and did my best to get prepared for riding the streets. But the one thing I've never heard discuss and has been a major problem for me is, DOGS HATE ONEWHEELS!

    I've had more dog chase after, nip at, go ballistic on the leash, and literally loose their shit when they see me, then anytime ever on my bike, skateboard, or even running.

    I'm sure some of you have experienced this as well, but since I did hear much about it, thought I would post this warning to new riders. Please use caution when coming up on dogs, and try to keep as much distance as possible! Only thing worst than going down on the OW, would be getting attacked by a dog at the same time

    Keep it level!

  • @AgentWomack I have over 2000 miles on OneWheels and have never been attacked by a dog. I ride VERY slow (almost walk speed) when I go by them and, if leashed, I ask the owner if they are "ok" as I approach. I do see an occasional dog (maybe 1 in 20) get excited or even try to pull towards me, but even then, never TOO bad.

    Now I realize me being in a city and most dogs here are used to "things" going by them, sometimes at medium to high speed, probably makes a difference compared to someone riding trails in the woods with loose dogs around, so not saying this doesn't happen at all. It's just that some of us, due to circumstances and the areas we ride, may not see this as an issue.

    Be careful out there!

  • @AgentWomack said in The warning you never hear about!!:

    Only thing worst than going down on the OW, would be getting attacked by a dog at the same time

    This line nearly killed me :)

  • This is actually pretty well covered material. Yes, there seems to be something about the OW which triggers some population of dogs to go ballistic. I go slow by dogs and stay as far from them as the path will allow. When coming from behind, I give dog walkers extra notice I am passing. Just on my way home from work today a dog lunged at me. There is an older couple with a massive dog who tries to attack when I see them about every month or two and it seems to take the both of them to hold it back.

  • @AgentWomack for me I'd say 3 out 10 Dogs spaz out at me on the Onewheel. I got bit once by an unleashed dog ,and he also bit the board (first the board ,then my leg). I jumped off and screamed HEEEEY!!!!! And he froze and stared at me. All in all I think the Dogs that freak , don't even notice the human on the board. Just the sound and speed of the board make them flip out.

  • It was my first time on the street yesterday, and you are exactly right, a couple of dogs got all bent seeing me ride-by. I was lucky they were on leads.

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