FANGS for 2019

  • So my doc released me to go back to my normal activities as long as I take it easy. Hopefully the new titanium straps holding my sternum together will hold this time. I have been through a bunch of surgeries and PT and have to go back to work in three weeks still he a really nice V1 that has a new battery,tire and checkout. I had upgraded bumpers and pro pads on it as well. We charged it up and let my son ginny pig it and he crashed in less than 10 min. He says he had a full charge and was going a little fast. Personally at 61 I ride slower and never had a nose pearl on me in over 600mi. Maybe I ride slower with a little more finesse . I think I ride with a different expectation of what I should and and should't do.
    I tried contacting the guys who are selling "FANGS'' to ask what they had in stock ready to ship and got no answer. There website doesn't look up to date either. I thought I would stick a set on the board to give em a try...I guess I kinda see how it could help but I will have to judge myself. Well if they would just get back to me . . maybe I could no what they actually have to sell. So whats best version and why for 2019 ?
    If anyone has an older used set of FANGS they don't need , please let me know

  • just ordered a set of minis. will comment when they and the xr show up next week

  • @Enterusername Do it! They are here in California. I ordered and they had the fangs out the next day.I got the v2 $49.00 ones and assembled with the help of Jimmy Changs youtube. I would not worry!

  • Hey thanks for the replies. I was just trying to decide which size was best. I haven't ridden in about 6 months and my son has been cool enough to keep my board cycled a little while I was out of commission. I had to have titanium plates screwed in to my chest to hold my sternum together. The original cables busted about 8 weeks ago and had to be repaired. I'm trying to start over here and trying everything I can to be as safe as possible with this thing. It's weird, I rode 100's of miles before just cruising and carving without any fear. No extreme stuff ever.
    I really do love this board, this is one my favorite toys ever. However now I'm a little freaked after my sons recent pearl dive. He's pretty scraped up and feel like crap about it. I may order some new one's soon but I had a brain storm and made some from an old pair of skates . Maybe I'll save myself a little money? Y'all don't laugh too hard at the huge wheels ok? What can I say , they actually workish... I guess. I've always liked riding my V1 in extreme mode (even though I don't ride very extreme) so it doesn't require a bunch of input to make it move. I carefully rode around a little and never felt these wheels hit. I have always stopped and/or rode around big bumps so I maybe they won't hit? I ordered a cheap $9 pair of 45mm wheels anyway to try instead of these big ole 78mm ones . I think there pretty tuff 6061 aluminum. I guess we will see. I going to be my own test pilot from here on. Y'all keep chargingtw2.JPG tw.JPG IMG_0101.JPG IMG_0099.JPG

  • Good stuff.

    Looks more professional with blade wheels than another mod I saw someone made with some sort of plastic cabinet wheels and super glue.

    I've ordered the pint and am waiting for some fangs but if they dont have any I'll have to mod my own also.

  • I figured it wouldn't hurt to try and re-purpose these old skates. They were over 15yrs old and they were an awkward thing from the start. Found them and 3 more pairs in the back of a closet. I could make 3 sets of brackets from these. Obviously they arn't as fancy the real ones. I'm going to call them Pearl Maesters .

  • @Enterusername did this accudent happen on the onewheel?

  • @PattyCrouch

    Well ... My son bit the dust pretty good but he's been a little notorious for little crashes round here. He's 29 and so he will heal fast. This was definitely his worst one yet. I've had a bunch of moto skateboards over the years and this one is definitely the coolest. My bustedupness is due to an arterial disease. I've had 3 very serious aneurysm repairs above and below my heart over the last 5 years so, no not Onewheel related. Probably just industrial disease we guess.

  • Ordered mini fang last month and they only took a few days to get delivered. Nice little safety feature!

  • I installed a set of fangs on my board, took it for a speed test, nosed dived at 21.2 mph and got thrown hard onto the pavement. The fangs helped a tiny, tiny bit but there was no way to stay on the board or run it out. It didn’t coast along like I thought it would.

  • Where they the 2.1 or bigger or the new minis? Did that happen on concrete or what? I tried my homemade ones with 68mm wheels. I carefully rode out on the street and all went well so far. I am certain I won't be pushing mine nearly as hard for maybe ever. So far nothing touched. It definitely looks strange but lets face it , a Onewheel is considered weird to most people anyway. Actually I tested my big front wheels by lifting up my front foot on my toe braking the sensor (weight forward) and it rolled forward great and then resumed normal riding...pretty dang cool !!!. I think it seems a little easier to disengage this way as well. I'm going to make several versions to see what works for best me. later on ya'll

  • I just checked the box and they were mini V2’s.

  • I still never heard back from the people who make Fangs. I really was interested in the product because it looks like it could make the board a little safer. I only wanted to know why wheel size mattered? I couldn't justify $50 + dollars when people are still crashing with them. I really appreciate those who commented so far. Sorry for all your crashes.
    My intuition told me bigger would be better. First I used the only wheels I had. They have worked surprisingly well so far but they could be limiting to the more aggressive riders trying tricks except just cruising and carving.
    Just for fun, I made another set with 45mm wheels instead of 78mm. I put em side by side to compare sizes. Haven't tried em yet but, I think they look a little better. I still wonder what size works better for what? Maybe that question will turn out to be entirely how we personalize our boards. I keep reminding myself that you can't expect to ride a crazy one wheeled powered skateboard and not fall sometimes.
    I don't think it hurts more to make the board a little safer.
    I still LOVE my Onewheel with or without safety wheels. Coolest toy ever!

    45mmp2.JPG 45mmp1.JPG

  • I do think the minis are a bit minimalist. but less obtrusive for trail riding. may be good.
    when I design the extended bumper with integrated 48 mm skate wheel at the corners, looks and function may combine.

  • I understand what your saying, however on a trail I can't see how even bigger wheels would roll in dirt or crushed granite. I definitely like the looks of the smaller wheels and the more minimalist look.
    I tried to offroad on mine about 2 yrs ago a little and it didn't do much for me. I wanted too like it but maybe I just got to old. Personally I prefer 2 wheel machines for offroad. I still have one of those Bushpig (Wheelman) gas powered 2 wheel motos for your feet. That thing hopped up a little was crazy good on single tracks. Here's a couple of pic's of the board riding and when I disengaged the power and leaned forward. It rolled out pretty good but I was going really slow. It also re-engaged nicely when I rocked back.
    Honestly, I think all bets are off on this idea with any size wheels if your doing over 15mph. One good thing here is I don't think these big ass wheels would let the board be over driven forward. I have seen a lot newbies make that mistake on my board. That never ends well.
    I'm going to try the small ones next just for the heck of it. Your right, the big wheels would definitely hit higher bumps which would not help offroad. Bumps are something I avoid anyway these days.
    Just experimenting a little y'all. Thanks for the feed back.

    pmpic2.jpg pmpic1.jpg

  • @Enterusername I was playing around with my board the other night trying to recreate a wreck I had where I leaned forward too fast, too quickly and too hard right when starting off and the front of the board dug in on low pile carpet inside a building and I stumbled off the front of the board. I don’t think I could manage to stay on the board even if I had the fangs as the angle is so steep that it seemed very difficult to impossible to keep your balance. I’ll likely play around with it some more but I think it is hopeless that they’d prevent a wreck at high speed.

    The larger wheels like you have would limit the angle and likely perform better but I also see them digging in when riding any surface that isn’t relatively flat.

  • Agreed.
    I have been waiting 6 mo to get back on my board and after seeing my sons knee all shredded I guess I got nervous. It was tough to get back after everything that happened to me. I never imagined having fear like this. I guess the wheels gave me enough confidence to get back on the horse. My wife and son watched me in horror the other night when I got back on. Have I said I LOVE this crazy thing! Its all my favorite boards and sports all wrapped up in one deal, my playground is right outside my front door, and the only reason not to ride(if your able) is that I'm too lazy. It's the freaking magic carpet for me. I was riding it a 2am the morning before they cracked my chest open and it's been my biggest carrot to get myself back. Everyone's got a thing eh? I'm going riding now ... later on.. Y'all keep on charging

  • 1st use of the mini fangs; packed gravel road, kinda useless; pavement, deflected a corner dig over turning , useful; rough grass, low profile = no digs

  • @Enterusername

    Did you try pinging @hoovdini on here? That's Matt Hoover and the creator of Fangs, check out his site, he's usually very responsive.

  • Just got my MiniFangs a couple weeks ago, and they saved me yesterday. I didn't have any trouble or delay with my order, and my email communication with the seller was fine. Maybe stick with it, they are well worth the money.

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