Braking to charge?

  • My son forgot his charger for our vacation trip but I knew he wants to ride it a lot. We're in a very remote location so I hooked a strap to my trailer hitch and I drag him behind the car at no more than 15 mph for about 3 miles. It adds about 40% to the battery and we let it cool down for a while before he rides or we charge it again. I want to make sure that we're not damaging the motor or battery while we do this??? Appreciate your thoughts... before we get swamped by safety concerns, we are very safe when we do this and I take full responsibility.

  • @BeRuBr that's actually pretty cool 👍🏽

  • @BeRuBr I’ve heard of my neighbor doing this before. I think as long as you monitor the controller, motor and battery temps you should be fine. I want to do an experiment and start off with 95% battery life and do laps on the gondola and just ride downhill and see how many miles I can log. Kinda the same concept but a little different.

  • perpetual motion here we come

  • Awesome ideas! How about power assisted wind power. I used to ride all kinds of skateboards with sails and kites but never with a self balancing board. I wonder? A couple of years ago I tried getting my malamute to pull me on the Onewheel. He had fun, I didn't.

  • onewheel firmware dosen't take into account dog power

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