Pulsing torque going uphill

  • I'm noticing that I am starting to get an issue when going up some hills now where the torque from the board will have a pulsing feeling.

    Its starting to happen on hills that did not cause me any issues in the past. I still get consistent torque while climbing the hill but I will get pulsing burst for extra acceleration sometimes.

    Has anyone else experience this or know what the issue may be?

  • @starrett67 is that the kick push back people speak of?

    perhaps somethings wearing out over time and its struggling now

  • Do you mean push back? It doesn't feel like normal push back. It also recently started happening just after 200 miles.

  • pulsing is not push back. maybe just battery wear? like a power tool?

  • Surging. Watch out you're straining the battery. Might give out and you nosedive

  • @b0ardski what is pulsing exactly? I'm new to these digital terms.

  • @ooww So just gotta go slower I guess? Last time I noticed it was going uphill after about a 6-mile ride. I have stepped up my game recently and I usually maintain about 18mph speed so maybe I'm just pushing the board way harder recently?

  • @starrett67 It's going to constantly push back if you are trying to accelerate up hill near max speed. Just push a little harder and it will dump you off, not enough speed/torque to balance. Hopefully you are wearing protective gear!

  • @starrett67 When trying to explain how people should "listen" to their OW I refer to bicycling. 18mph on a flat road is easy on a bicycle. 18 mph on a slope is hard. The OW is struggling to deliver enough power. So yes, slow down, smooth acceleration, "listen" to the board and you'll be fine.

  • Probably battery, I’m filing an issue for the same symptoms. I was charging up hill, then pulsing, then nosediving.

    My voltage is at 40v by 50% charge, and I’m captain Morgan by 35%. Not moving at all.

    At which point the voltage is bouncing between 20 and 40. Not moving.

    It’s really nothing like comparing running uphill to running flats, but more like comparing a battery that works with one that is failing.

    My board is only a month old, 333 miles before I carried it half of my way home tonight.

  • @tsiangkun did your board used to work going up the same hill then all of a sudden its not able to make it up the same hill?

    Either way it sounds like a strain on the system to go up hill.

    Obviously there are factors like your body weight and the hill steepness etc

  • Yes, for the first three weeks my XR worked exactly as advertised. No issues at all. Then once the issues started they got worse quickly. I can’t do my commute without a charge. My commute is only six miles.

  • @tsiangkun if it worked before there can only be 1 of 2 scenarios..

    Something is defective or your usage habbits have burned out something extremely fast.

    I hope you can get it fixed by FM as to have this happen within a few months isnt good.

  • It is a feature built into the firmware. The surging is extra effort to get the wheel under you and prevent a nosedive if it senses you are starting to push it toward the limit. Pushback is a warning when you are gradually pushing the limit of speed and available power. Surging is a warning that you might be aggressively pushing that limit. You are more likely to get pushback on level ground, and surging when going uphill, over bumps, or anything else that might suddenly draw a lot of power.

    If you are feeling that momentary surging, slipping feeling, back off.

  • My XR is not performing to spec.   8 miles on flat ground from a full charge is pathetic.  

    This is a serious issue for a $2000 device. If you are saying there is no quality control, and the company won’t care, then I made a bad purchase and need to get the retailer/ credit card company involved.

  • @IanJohnson he said it once worked fine at the same hill it now does not.

  • @tsiangkun Since your board is still under warranty, either you or the dealer should be able to have Future Motion handle this.

  • I have a V1 and mine does that pulsing when I get to approx 30% battery. I personally think the battery just doesn't have enough nuts to push the board up hill at that point. I also personally think that the V1 and Plus don't have enough battery power from the factory.

    I ordered the battery kit from two-x. I'm looking forward to seeing how much the power is improved along with the extended range.

  • @Senior-Coffee

    This thread may have saved me - took a longer than average ride yesterday and got a single pulsation going uphill at ~15 mph heading back to the house.

    I said, 'I know what that is.' and slowed the f##k down.

    I don't keep my phone handy when riding, but got home and checked . . . yep, 35%.

  • @Kielanders you can also get a crude battery reading from the power light pulse.

    One cycle of blue light is the charge... so if it looks to be blue for 75% of the time and off for 25% of the time for one cycle... that means you have 75% battery left.

    It's crude but with time you can actually get pretty good at gaging remaining power. At least it gives you a ball park number on when to turn around.

    If you don't like riding with your phone, there are some Android watches that can run a full copy of the FM OW App, no phone needed.

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