Uh oh, another ship slip

  • Ordered Pint 3/12/2019 within an hour of launch. Ship date was holding at 7/3 since 5/30, now showing 7/5/2019 with status still in Queue. Not a good sign... AAARRRRGGG!!!

  • i also ordered on March 12th, and my ship date has now slipped to July 8th -- which actually is fine for me, because it was at July 4th, then July 5th, and i was thinking that there was no way it was going to ship during the 4th of July holiday anyway. i'm going to be out of town for the holiday, and i was stressing out about how to make sure it was picked up for me off my porch if it showed up while i was gone. now i don't have to worry about that.

  • It’s disheartening to hear about the shipping dates. I pre-ordered a pint back in April and when I realized it was delayed I called and was told they weren’t shipping until July. I then canceled my order and ended up buying a OW+ from a dealer in Anchorage at a discount. The bigger tire is better for my needs as I routinely ride over gravel roads and down a trail.

  • With the added hype after the pint was announced, I knew I couldn't wait and got an XR from a local shop. At least you know they aren't just pushing them out to meet some deadline they set months ago. I decided I needed the extra speed and range anyway. By X-mas I'll need a Pint, they will catch up by then.

  • @Franko My July 10th ship day has held for the last week or so? It was July 9th before that. Don't forget everyone that it't only a ship date. We all won't get it till a few days after that as we wait on the FedEx delivery truck.

  • @rageouse said in Uh oh, another ship slip:

    My July 10th ship day has held for the last week or so? It was July 9th before that.

    have you checked today? (heh, only slightly kidding)

    Don't forget everyone that it't only a ship date. We all won't get it till a few days after that as we wait on the FedEx delivery truck.

    oh, i know. arrghhhhhh, it's killing me.

  • @Franko I check every day, multiple times a day. It is a constant open tab on my browser for over a month now.

  • @rageouse haha, i'm glad i'm not the only one with a tab like that. : D

  • @Franko Does anyone how the manufacturing process is going?

    Are they all built and waiting for a software update to be bug free..?
    or are they semi ready but waiting for unique parts to come in from overseas for example?

    Or they have it complete but build time takes a while so they are stocking up before they send any out.

    Imagine if they only have 10% of units made and ready from all orders.. but it would take an extra 2 months to produce another 80% of total orders... It would make more sense to make everyone wait and send out the bulk batch when 90% of the orders are ready to send.

    Others would argue but imagine knowing some people have them.. how could they then justify a 2 month wait without exposing their shortcomings.

    Ps my current date is August 5th and I ordered on May 17th

  • @Daymos Imagine they have non made and only start making them next week. All these things went through my mind and this is why I cancelled my order after FM having my money for 3 months.
    Once the Pints are a stock item, I shall reorder one.

  • @Mark-Vlogs Your decision makes total sense.

    I've been watching progress for months and was ready to buy in March like you but there was zero info available on the dispatch date at the time.

    I've made slip back allowances for a few weeks but would consider cancelling if this were to get worse date wise..

    I'm hoping there are no problems with the first batches

  • @Daymos I’m keeping my fingers crossed for everyone that there are no issues, I’m hoping that the delays will mean the product is 100% ok and that there are no recalls needed.

  • Still hanging in there, bc they keep telling me I am shipping 1st day, but I was also rolled back again from 7/2 to 7/3.

  • @Vindigo75 Pleased you’re still hanging in, exciting times

  • @Vindigo75 wow, that's the earliest date i've seen yet -- i think you must be among the first, then. awesome!

  • @Vindigo75 Has it been shipped or is there a new shipping date?

  • Theres another post somewhere and we're on 7th July as the earliest.

  • I ordered a pint last week. I was given a ship date of August 17. I can't wait.

  • @kraken640 haha, you gonna wait...
    I ordered at May 19. showing August 6 for quite a while, went to August 5 then jumped between these two. Now 7 days pushback to August 13, not satisfied.
    I’m quite irritated about the fact someone who ordered last week is only 4 days later in queue than someone who ordered almost 2 month ago...

  • @crazy4-o mate in identical to you.. same dates as you and I ordered a couple months back.
    Strange that someone who ordered last week is just a couple days apart.

    This tells me they can produce the machines fast.. but I'm guessing they're waiting for bulk components to come in from somewhere like Asia.

    That's the only thing which FM has no control over and cant communicate.

    For example.. if they had all the components in their warehouses right now and they was building.. they could give and exact date because it's within their control.. waiting for components must be the issue.

    Or a software bug which cant be solved...

    What do you guys think?

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