Uh oh, another ship slip

  • @kraken640

    It's not that deep.

    They advertised shipping in May or June so when purchasing one, it's wasnt about having faith in them or caring how they do as company.

    My focus is.. I like the product and they said its available in may or june so I'll buy one.

    The issue is communication.

    If they need to raise capital before they can even start the process then it means they have mislead everyone and that's even more sinister.

    Business can get business loans... ok it's cheaper to get money from the customer because they dont have any interest to pay back and they actually make a ton of interest by having our money sit in their bank.

    However you want to gloss it they should communicate it's a start up all over again.

    Personally they have been making board for years, they have staff and a new facility .. if it's still operating like a start up company then they are doing something very wrong.

    But as I said before.. communication is the way forward and to get full support from everyone who appreciates a start up style run business model.

  • @OneDan said in Uh oh, another ship slip:

    @Mark-Vlogs said in Uh oh, another ship slip:

    I really hope FM have learnt from this and in future don’t release a product until it’s on the shelf.

    I guarantee they didn't, this is EXACTLY the same as when both the + and the XR came out (for those of us around long enough to remember)!

    In both cases, I watched everyone on this forum lamenting their order delays and I waited until they were shipping before I placed my order. I do agree, they really need to manage the announcements and deliveries of their new products WAY better.

    Exactly my experience as well... I was actually hoping the Pint would be different because they are a bigger company now and really pushed the advertising and social media game for it.

    I think my OW+ slipped by 12 week something like that. The XR was only 2 or 4 weeks.

  • Surely, no company should be allowed to just move the ship date again and again and again as if though customers are nothing. I have never once been contacted by a human about the delays, no apologies, zero customer service.

    1,000USD and a customer waiting for their product half way across the world is obviously just nothing to this company.

  • My shipping estimate has slipped back twice in one day. They really have no idea when these things are going to ship

  • I'm thinking it's a computer that is coming up with the shipping dates and it's doing an extremely bad job of it. lol. It's actually so comical I can't even begin to get upset by it.
    I'll get mine when I get it, I just ordered a couple days ago. Hey maybe it'll be here by Christmas.

  • @Senior-Coffee The dates seem to be pretty on-point these days. Haven't had a slip for weeks myself (I have 3 days left!), and many other people are reporting that they are getting a tracking number the day before or the day of the estimated shipping date.

  • @Alki_Soupboy my estimated shipping date is 28th August.

    It feels weird in almost there after 3 months... anyone else feel strange as their date approached?

    I'll find out today if mine gets shipped a day early like some others have reported.

    Mine is being sent to the UK with accessories so I hope they all come together... will be cheaper for them to send 1 package I'm sure unless accessories high cost factors in their solo delivery costs.

  • @Daymos I’m interested in seeing how much your custom charges and import duties costs. I estimated it to be about 300.

  • @Mark-Vlogs I'll keep you posted

    If its 2 separate deliveries I wonder if it would make a difference to how they calculate this random charge.

    The product costs approx £800 overall so I wonder what the customs charge it set at?

  • @Daymos I think you’ll pay 20% Vat on the full price inclusive of shipping. When I bought mine I was charged £940 including shipping.

    Then on top of this another 2.6 - 6% plus vat for import duty.

    This is another reason why I ordered the second time from a UK supplier, my total cost is £995, but still no word as to when it’ll arrive.

  • @Mark-Vlogs I think I paid £980 in total and that was the $1200 package I believe.

    So you say £300 should be a good figure to prepare for?

  • @Daymos it should be less thank that, I was working on £300 and hoping that it would be £200. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  • @Mark-Vlogs cheers... good luck to you too.

    Now I have to try and guess how long delivery takes across the pond. :)

  • @Daymos I used to buy things from China, I would often have them in my hand 36hrs after placing the order. I would suggest it’s going to take about a week, you will probably be contacted by Fedex when it’s in the UK asking for some spondoolies.

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