warning thrown off on low battery in classic mode

  • just got the one wheel , no app for droid so i checked it in the am from my house ipad. i knew i was nearing the 5 mile mark and was headed home up a slight incline but long hill up. the board started going faster so i just stuck with it, then i noticed the nose going up and the back almost touching the groung. i figured i would ride it out since i was almost home anyway and it just stopped and threw me a good couple of feet up the hill. i had wrist gaurds on so just cut up my hands from the road and my knee from dragging. some kind of warning would be nice or a gradually slowing down .. not speed up then thro me off , wtf ! good thing i wasnt going downhill and i never saw any warnings for this till i read the thread. i wont be riding again on a low battery, thats for sure ha

  • @seanscores The pushback (nose going up) IS the warning OneWheel gives you. You should pay attention to it instead of trying to ride through it.

  • I have been saying this forever! The boards need a beep warning... Boards tend to speed up and coast when you run out of power. The opposite would be helpful... A slow to a stop. Love the OneWheel but if you run out of juice and are headed towards two old ladies with canes on a small sidewalk one of you is in trouble... lol... For this reason I have two boards and I make it a habit to check my app often. When I am low battery I ride very carefully. I have had one too many close calls :)

  • I think the problem with that is the physics involved in self-balancing something with just one wheel: If the wheel simply slowed down, the board would nose-dive and you would immediately fall over the front. What it does instead (which might seem strange) is speed up -- causing the front end to raise up -- in an attempt to make you shift your balance back and slow on your own.

  • But I do think a beep noise should be added, which could signify other things as well: Battery life, for one. I would love to be able to get a double-beep to let me know I'm at 50%, so I could turn around and head back and not get stranded somewhere and have to carry that thing a mile.

  • Guys, the OW is not going faster when it gives the low batterie warning. It is you fighting the extreme pushback that causes the acceleration.

  • Ok... That makes sense @Polle. So what would you recommend we do when the battery runs out? I'm confused about the safest way to handle it. Thoughts?

  • @MichaelW said:

    Ok... That makes sense @Polle. So what would you recommend we do when the battery runs out?

    Recharge it?

  • @Polle I thought the pushback (nose going up) could only be accomplished by the OW accelerating? Not sure how else can something with just one wheel could make the board tip back. Slowing would cause you to fall forward.

  • @thegreck No it is not working like that, also when in classic mode, the pushback is used to give you a warning that you are going fast. Would be crazy doing that by accelerating :)
    Think it is the gyroscopes demanding the front to go up...

  • @thegreck is right. The only way you can lift the front end of a one wheeled device is by accelerating the wheel.

  • @ckosick15 Not for this one wheeled device...

  • @Polle The gyroscopes are just sensors that help to tell the wheel how fast to turn in order to keep the board level. No gyro small enough to fit in that little space in the board could be powerful enough to lift the weight of a full-grown man. Unless they're SuperGyros from Krypton.

  • @thegreck ok, I'm not so smart in technologie, but how do you explain the 'elevated-mode'?

  • @Polle It's just a matter of shifting the point of horizontal position in the senor. So that slightly elevated nose is regarded as level, and is then what the wheel will try to achieve.
    I'm not sure exactly how they program it, but that seems like one way to do both elevated and pushback. Either way, the board will always try to reach a certain position. Be it horizontal or elevated, the means of doing so stay the same.
    Pushback without acceleration for a one-wheeled vehicle is about as impossible as turning left on a bike without first "turning right" (aka. countersteering). It's something that happens mostly without notice, but it's the laws of physics.

    Therefore, pushing the onewheel beyond pushback to it's maximum capacity, effectively neutralizes the possibility of the warning pushback.
    And as has being said, never ride out (or powercycle) the warning pushback. I've tried, and it will die on you.

  • @Polle Right, just what @germx said. It's not literally "pushing back," (if it did that you would fly off the board!), it's simply accelerating faster than you're moving, which makes YOU lean back, and in turn, slowing the board down.

    Think about when you're in a car that accelerates really quickly. What happens? You get pressed against the back of your seat. Same physics.

  • @Polle Oh, sorry... I misread that. You were asking about elevated mode... but yes, it's all physics based on using forward acceleration to push your center of gravity backward. Elevated mode just makes a minor adjustment in your center of gravity.

  • @thegreck @germx ok thanks I think I understand more or less :)
    But it's not that you feel the board accelerating when it's giving you the battery push back.

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