MiniFangs: Paid for Themselves Already

  • After 50 miles on grass, and taking some hard hits, I waited until my MiniFangs (training wheels) came-in before graduating to pavement. I wear a full face mountain bike helmet, knee & elbow protection, and wrist guards.

    I took my first long ride around town yesterday with only 1 forced 'dismount' on a triple buckled portion of pavement (lost in the moment, wasn't paying attention). My app said I was going around 10 mph, which would have sent me flying on grass.

    It happened quick, and I jammed my heel bone HARD into my ankle (little sore this morning) when I got my first foot down, but I was able to run it out. The only thing I can think was that the Fangs allowed me an extra second of forward momentum to get my foot placement on the ground for recovery.

    If you're old like me, get some Fangs or SynergyWiz wheels to save yourself some injuries. God I love this board, my first time on pavement was just an amazing experience.

  • put the minis on my xr day 1, Every save pays for the again. I like the synergy configuration, I may try those to get better roll.

  • corner wheel saved me again
    ca ching

  • @b0ardski


    I'm not sure, but I think these things may even help with certain types of grass recoveries.

    I've already had a couple of saves on nicely maintained grass that really don't seem like they should have been 'savable'.

  • Chris Richardson just dropped a nice video on nose dive training with MiniFangs:

  • soup nazi voice "NO save for you'"
    I was amazed how well my xr did on steep, hilly, packed gravel road today. got a bit cocky charging up a steep section I'd already run a couple times, got the pushback but couldn't slow down fast enough to avoid getting tossed. The mini fangs just bit the dust on shutdown. was padded up but not my hip. o w stands for ow.
    wrist gaurds took a good hit but pretty minor learning experience all in all.

  • @b0ardski

    Glad you're 'okay' in the OW sense of the word. I'm pretty much convinced that with OW, any crash you can at least 'crawl' away from is a win.

    I started wearing those hip & butt padded biker shorts. I can't stand the feeling against the skin, so I've been wearing them outside my jeans. I wear long baggy tees that cover most of their visibility. I just painfully ate it too much on grass learning to take a chance on pavement.

    Between the full helmet, motorcycle elbow & knee protection, I'm sure I look ridiculous riding around town, but haven't had anyone laugh at me yet. I'm about to add a helmet mirror, so maybe that will put me over the top. I'm making myself wear everything, every time for the first 1000 miles.

    I'm also keeping it in Cruz to keep my speed in check. I'm comfortable enough now to always be pushing up to the speed limit, but don't want Mission yet cuz I know I'll be pushing that.

    I just started working on nose drop exercises with the MiniFangs. So far, I'm lucky to be able to tap the nose - my body absolutely fights to not let me do it.

    I've been making myself do 5 quick taps without leaving the board at the beginning of every ride the past 3 days.

    Hopefully I'll be able get my body to the point that it's willing to let me bury the nose and ride on the Fangs for a short distance, but I don't know when my body will let that happen . . . it's a real mind-f##k.

  • I should practice the nose taps
    picking up a helmet mirror too, need head on a swivel doing circles in a fresh paved parking lot.
    thought about the shorts but I like qwik n easy on/off for short rides from the truck, I'm modding some soft knee pads as hip pads I can pop on/off with velcro for the next time I ride hard.

  • Hey Kielander, which mini-fangs do you have, the aluminium or the nylon ones?

  • @owpete

    I went with the nylon ones because I liked the basic matte black color that blends perfectly with my kicks & plates. The plastic on the wheel frames looks to me like ABS, which is very tough stuff.

    I've been beating the crap out of them for the last 150 miles on trails and streets, and they are holding-up great.

    I would definitely go with the MiniFangs, I wouldn't want anything with a larger profile.

  • @Kielanders
    Thanks, what do you mean by baeting out the crap? Did you only roll or did the fangs also touched the ground from time to time? I am a bit afraid, that the nylon ones will not support a sudden nosedive, but the aluminium ones are no available at the moment.
    Do you know what material was the normal fangs (the bigger ones)?
    Are fang drags also with the nylon ones possible?

  • @owpete

    My fangs have been rolled on asphalt, rammed into curbs, dug-into gravel/dirt trails, banged on tree roots and rocks trail riding, sheared on potholes, and more recently, regularly slammed into pavement when learning to perform nose dive training.

    Here is a great video from Chris Richardson, doing Fang training:

    I've used the nylon MiniFangs for about 150 miles now, I believe they are very durable and will last a long time.

    The wheel frames appear to be made of ABS plastic, and the wheels appear to be made of a semi-soft synthetic rubber (neoprene or silicone?).

    I have no problem recommending the nylon Fangs. Aluminum may look nicer, but my nylon Fangs are performing most excellent.

    I am unsure what you mean by 'Fang Drags', unless you mean 'burying the nose of your OW, and riding on the Fangs' - if that is the case, yes, you can do Fang drags.

    These are an excellent product, and I think Fangs or SynergyWiz wheels should be the first upgrade any OW owner should purchase.

    Injury prevention while learning should be stressed above everything.

    The 'Stoke!' can wait, stay healthy and learn first - there are so many little things to learn with the OW, I'm fully geared-up and not letting my guard down for the first 1000 miles.

    I'm riding in Cruz 8 to 10 miles per day, comfortable riding against pushback the whole time, and not letting myself go to Mission until I hit 500 miles. I take this as seriously as riding a motorcycle.

  • ka ching again,,, at this rate they'll pay for the one wheel in a year

  • @b0ardski

    Big save today!

    I was getting cocky, and thought to cross our highway in town (which is busy because of tourists). I balanced at the intersection for about 45 seconds, debating on playing Frogger or diverting to the bicycle/pedestrian underpass, and said 'F##k it, I got this!'.

    I saw my opening and went for the big acceleration . . . and buried the nose (not on purpose).

    Damn MiniFangs let me ride 1/2 way across the road under acceleration, then I was able to pull up and finish the crossing.

  • @Kielanders hey man, the tilt guy here.
    Yeah he has great vids, just discovered them.
    Def helping me change my riding style.

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