Plus front foot sensor on V1

  • I’m looking to swap out the front sensor on my V1 with a Plus footpad and sensor, does this work? Any issues I should be aware of, besides needing Plus bumpers?

  • I got one when I sent mine back for a new tire, battery, and checkout. Works fine but only difference is looks. I guess it looks a little better. I also got a concaved rear pro pad which is awesome as well. I even made several sets of Fang like wheels, and a super brite programmable led light system. Honestly, none were necessary for me to love this board more. If you want to throw more stuff and money at it do it. It's still a Onewheel no matter what you do to it.

  • @Enterusername cool thanks for the response, I was hoping it would work. I want to add fangs and need the + footpad and bumpers in order for them to attach without modifications. I had originally planned on modifying the V1 footpad to accommodate the fangs. This is a buddy/beginner board and I want it to be as safe as possible for people with little experience.

  • Not a bad idea. I was thinking about buying those things myself. I think you have to upgrade the bumpers to work with the new pads. I made several sets of those safety wheels and I'm still testing my best set. I hope they never engage by accident but maybe going slow on flat surfaces they should help. A lotof people claim they work. Once is enough, right? Stay safe and have fun!

  • @Teece yes. My buddy has a V1 with a "OW+" conversation, he swapped rails, pads and bumpers over so he also would have access to newer accessories.

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