$1.25 Undermount mudflap test

  • So I finally decided to test the idea ... does an undermount mudflap work instead of a fender? So I went to the dollar store and bought myself a cheap dustpan with a silicone edge - $1.25 at the dollar store. I cut off the edge and taped it underneath the board with the silicone edge tight against the tire. Rode it in gravel for a test and I think the idea can work! As the tire is curved we'd want to have the edge shaped to follow the curve of the tire (which means I'll need to find something with a wider silicon edge... maybe a squeegie?)... but as you see in the picture below it is able to trap stuff in the middle of the tire; and only at the sides is the gravel getting thru.

    0_1451865586674_20160103_112826.jpg 0_1451865593997_20160103_155412.jpg

    Right now it's attached ghetto-style with electrical tape, but since the rotation of the wheel is pushing the "mudflap" up anyways, it shouldn't be too much of a concern to keep it on. Will keep trying with different materials... but I think this could be a less conspicious option to the fender.

  • @rainynite Pretty cool start. Might try a brush design too. Also keep in mind a lot of people switch directions, so it won't always be pushing it in the same direction.

  • I thought about the brush which would be easier to shape but it would be pretty thick whereas a squeegee type silicon edge can be quite thin. The only issue is that I need to find something that I can shape to the tire curves. Might actually look into buying an actual car mud flap and cutting it to shape. ..

  • I've thought about this for a while now.. I was thinking about molding the tire and making something in carbon fiber.. Also thought about brushes..

  • @njcustom what if you integrated it somehow on the rail covers. .. slide on the covers which include mudguards at the right spot. This solves how to attach the mudguards onto the board without tape or glue.

  • @rainynite sounds good let me think

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