Looking for advice for DIYing accessories

  • So I just got my XR, and I see that the accessories seem pretty overpriced for how simple most of them are. Being the cheapskate I am, and especially having just spent $1700 (floor model at skate shop, only 24 miles, got sick of waiting for a deal lol) on the Onewheel, I plan to build my own of the following: fender, guard rails, float plates, and concave rear foot pad.

    Who else has DIYed any of these? My main questions are:

    1. What type of plastic do they use for the float plates to get them to slide properly?
    2. Is there anything special about the concave rear foot pads that makes them work with the XR's sensors, or are they just normal wood/plastic/griptape?
    3. What size screws are used for each of these mounts?

    Any other advice is also greatly appreciated.

  • @gradyoactive

    I understand a budget, I'm older now, not rich, not hurting, but remember when I was younger. I used to skateboard a lot in my younger days.

    You spent a lot on the board, I would say the 1st thing is to take it slow. Learn on grass - I used a community softball field for the first 50 miles (skip the days when it's wet).

    1. Get some good safety gear: Helmet, Wrist/Elbow/Knee Guards.

    2. I went all it. I got the SideKicks, FloatPlates, Fender, & FlightFins. I'm happy with all of them. But, you don't need the Fins right off the bat. However, you will be happy with the Fender, Kicks, & Plates. I think you can find some knock-off stuff of those on Amazon and save a bit - still, I know it's painful. By the way, Float Plates don't really allow you to 'slide', they're just to protect the undercarriage of your board.

    3. I added MiniFangs when I graduated to pavement. Whatever product you choose, get some training wheels. I took some hard knocks with face-plants . . . on GRASS. I learned my lesson early, and after being a little scared & a trip to the chiropractor, I got the Fangs and am loving life on pavement - knowing I have a chance to run-it-out if I stay focused and smart.

    4. You can live without a stand for now, but you may want to think about some dust covers for the switch ports.

    Personally, I wouldn't worry about the footpads for the first 6 months, but that's up to you.

    Finally, READ and WATCH VIDEOS of the experience of others - and not just SlyDog, but the vids of people Eating-It! (because that will be you at some point).

    Take your time and don't hurt yourself out of the gate . . . too many people taking themselves out of the game early by getting hurt while learning - let your body tell you when you're ready to push yourself. Respect the board, and keep your ego out of it.

    You didn't lose the training-wheels in a day when learning to ride a bike - take your time and grow slow. Stay healthy and in one piece so you can ride.

    Best to You!

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