It is worth to buy XR now?

  • Hey i have question i want to buy my first one wheel but is this have any dose of sense? Im mean is there a chance that XR will get pint features and xr will be cheaper? 1800$ is a huge ammount of money for me and i waited so many times to buy it but now I wonder it is worth to buy

  • to quote Warren Miller, "if you don't do it this year you'll just be a year older when you do"
    aint much different than high end ski/board gear

  • @Andersen142 riding a onewheel is an amazing like a child dream come true.and with the xr battery...the only limit is in your legs ...
    i spent a lot more of 1800 to get the same feelings snowboarding or kitesurfing.
    so.. definitely yessss

  • @Andersen142 It does depend a bit on how you want to use it, i.e. for shorter fun rides and more off road riding OR longer destinations on pavement and hard packed trails. I started with a + and, while I love it, I always had range anxiety and had to make sure I was aware to turn around and go back home before the battery dropped to 50%. I now have an XR and just love it. It can easily go further than I can handle. That along with the extra power of a 20 mph max speed (I only go 14/15 mph max) makes the decision easy for me, but that's just how I use the board, so YMMV of course.

    Either way you decide, as @b0ardski is saying, the longer you wait, the longer it will be before you can join in the fun!

    I, myself, see the Pint as more of a fun board (not that the XR isn't fun) and the XR as the full utility version that can go as far and as fast as the technology allows at this time.

  • @Andersen142

    I don't know your history, finances, experience in board sports, or intended usage, but . . .

    Like any high tech innovation, 'who knows?'.

    They're still a small company (~40 People), they've invested a lot into the Pint to give others a chance, I think they have a full plate for a year or so getting the new platform launched and stable (from a manufacturing perspective).

    That said, I don't have a crystal ball.

    If you have the money, and don't skimp on safety gear, go XR or look for a used Plus.

    If you've never done board sports and aren't sure (but are taken with the YT videos of the 'OW Badboys'), go with a used Plus.

    They're always going to be improving the product (as long as they're around, and aren't sold-off to a big corporation), that's life.

  • Thanks guys for comment you are right, better is buy xr now bc after i will have less time for fun

  • @Andersen142 It's what I did. My only regret was waiting so long...

  • @Andersen142 if you look at the ONEWHEEL as a sport and treat it that way the money spent is well worth the JOY it brings.... ENJOY!

  • I'm still riding my upgraded V1 and love it. I have rode all the other models as well and I think they are all great. For just carving around the neighborhood and for an older guy like me and for under 5mi of range, I have a hard time understanding selling it and upgrading to an XR or Plus, no way. I still get a huge smile every time I ride it. That said, if I was starting over and had all these choices, I would wait to try a Pint and compare them all to each other, especially since the Pint should be out soon. I think that if the Pint lives up to it's claims, I think it would be the most fun for a short range pavement cruiser/carver. I really like all the tweeks they have added. It also looks more refined and I really like the idea of the smaller size, plus the bang for the buck. If you have $2k to spend(sounds like you don't) and want a beast of a machine, the XR might be your board. Keep in mind the XR gets huge range on pavement with a little person but not so much if you are 200lbs+ going off road.
    I think it will be interesting to see what FM's next machine will be like. I bet they will have it for pre-order by Christmas. I wouldn't be surprised if will be a larger version of the Pint with more power and medium range (10mi or so) and they could call it the Growler
    Bottom line for me is more is for off road buy an XR and for mostly pavement I would wait and compare the Pint.

  • I would buy a used XR. If you buy it and dont fall in love with it (you're a soulless demon) you can sell it for the same or more than you paid for it.

    Going price for an XR is ~$1500 with a bunch of accessories. Going price for and XR in a few months will still be ~$1500

    Buy a Pint new for $1000 and (if you get it in a few months) it will not be worth the same amount if you want to sell it because you dont want it or because you want to upgrade to the XR for the range.

  • @Motoproponent I live in poland so there is no auctions with used OW's. I just need a one month to earn enough moneys to buy new xr.

  • @Andersen142 in my opinion the XR is better than the Pint. As far as I'm concerned the Pint is a CG effect in a bunch of online videos because no one has gotten their hands on one except for Youtubers.

  • Definitely. I bought an XR 4 months ago and wish I had gotten one 4 years ago now!
    Best thing I own. For sure.
    Probably like you, I’ve read 100’s of reviews, posts, etc and I can honestly saw I’ve only seen one person comment that they regretted the spend. The carve, the community, the board, the stoke all live up to the hype. And you can probably get a few bucks for all the other toys, video games, and hobby equipment you have cuz you’ll want to spend every spare minute you have riding this thing after it arrives.

  • I originally ordered the Pint, but I shortly cancelled that order in place of the XR. Ordered that on June-18, and got it delivered on June-26, two days ahead of original estimate. I'm really glad I got the XR, I did 9 miles today (so far) with battery to spare. I think the Pint was a great marketing decision to open up the market to more folks who can't afford an XR.

    I think the idea of a smaller Onewheel is a good decision and that's going to be great for a lot of folks especially in the city areas. With that said, I have zero regurts getting the XR: it's just a better fit for what I want to do.

    I didn't cancel my order due to the Pint ship delays: I've gone through a few kickstarters to know that stuff happens in the first production runs. For me it was really about the range of the XR and it seemed better suited for trail riding. I thought i wanted the Pint for that simple stop thingie, but it's really no problem dismounting from the XR. Any other Pint feature I thought I really wanted I really don't care about at this point with the XR. Miles of smiles in my first week, I love this thing!

    Three numbers I will never forget:

    1. wedding anniversary.
    2. Birthdays for my two boys.
    3. My Onewheel order number.

  • @Enterusername in poland OW XR costs 9000zl(2400$) its much more expensive than in US

  • I plunked my money down on the pint and will probably buy an XR as well. I like the range of the XR and the lightness and better portability of the pint. I haven't ridden any of them yet so it'll all be new. I do have the advantage of skateboarding and surfing growing up but I have no illusions that I'll be able to just jump on and go. I'll be starting out very slowly and carefully. I hope to never get to the nosedive that some peeps have experienced. I'll see how it goes.

  • @kraken640 you will be able to just jump on if your slow and careful; skilz are transferable

  • As excited as I am to get my Pint, Im nore than 1000% confident it will still not outstrip the XR. The XR is FMs flagship product and legitimate mid range transportation alternative vs last mile option. Im tempted to buy every single one I see selling used for 1500, lol. They are just super quality products, that admittedly must be approached with a measure of caution and used responsibly. Not a toy by any means. Just my 2 cents.

  • @b0ardski -Is right.
    I had one nosedive pushing slightly uphill near top speed. Ran it out like my old skateboarding days, no problem. Old skilz come in handy, you will jump on and go.
    And there is no way you start out slowly can carefully if you have that background. Once you get on, all bets are off. Definitely start off with a helmet...

  • @DreamTour said in It is worth to buy XR now?:

    @b0ardski -Is right.
    I had one nosedive pushing slightly uphill near top speed. Ran it out like my old skateboarding days, no problem. Old skilz come in handy, you will jump on and go.
    And there is no way you start out slowly can carefully if you have that background. Once you get on, all bets are off. Definitely start off with a helmet...

    ...and wrist guards if you use your hands at work. I will say my switch skills from boarding are slower to adjust; smooth pavement only at 73 miles in.

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